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Readers’ voice: Aug. 6, 2014

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To the St. Albans football boosters club: if you’ve received any donations in the form of a check, you need to go to the bank and deposit it instead of holding onto it.

Coal miners, I have Republican friends and they all hate unions, they hate wage increases and they hate us getting benefits. If you are running along with Republican influence, then you are running with those who hate our kind. Republicans always vote no for anything middle class and even voted no to helping veterans. Read about the vacation days they take because the rich who are keeping them in a job because they are totally satisfied.

It’s so sad that we do not have one progressive person running for these high offices in West Virginia. Coal is dead — let it die. Bring other businesses here that are clean and don’t pollute or kill the people who do the jobs. All of these poverty-stricken areas aren’t helped anyway. All of the money goes out of the state and it ruins our beautiful, beautiful ecology here. It looks like bombs went off. It’s horrible.

I am so embarrassed with Capito and Tennant. I thought that with two women running they would not have such a nasty campaign. I thought that we would finally have a woman who was going to work for the people.

I just don’t see how a reader can say that Barack Obama is the poorest leader we’ve ever had. He got us out of the great recession and the ACA is saving lives and money. He got us out of a losing war.

Fifty years ago that we didn’t’ have the technology that we have today to detect tornadoes or predict the weather.

I almost ran over a teenage girl at the Kanawha Mall who was holding up a sign asking for money. It’s about time that we banned this and the people with buckets that walk right out into the street asking for money. It is getting dangerous.

There is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits income taxes. The Supreme Court has upheld income tax and Congress has the obligation to raise revenue. Also, how can they pay back Social Security if they can’t take in any money?

I would like to thank the Nitro Police Department for being so kind. They found my wallet in the Nitro Tudor’s parking lot and they even made a trip to my house to return it.

The city has the money to pave the parking lot under the interstate right off of the Boulevard but they don’t have the funds to fix the potholes on the city streets? This is questionable.

I’m wondering if our school systems in West Virginia and the rest of the country are teaching climate change and global warning or ignoring it. Ignorance is not bliss. This should be taught in our schools no matter what state it is because science is telling the truth.

Are there any restaurants in the Charleston area where I can eat a quiet meal without any babies crying or little children running around? They need to put a separate section in for these young children and the parents who let their children cry and whine around and run all over the restaurant.

Natalie Tennant, you do not need to lower yourself with the commercials you have put out. I was going to vote for you, but now I am not sure.

A segment of your readership whines incessantly about Obama, although he has been stymied at every turn for his entire tenure by your Congress (on vacation aren’t they?) which earns a collective base salary of $94 million for doing absolutely nothing. How can Americans allow such behavior by re-electing these deadbeats?

It’s too bad Mayor Callaway and his band of minions didn’t have the intelligence to fill the paper work out properly for the granting of home rule. The only thing this would bring to the citizens of St. Albans would be higher taxes, less services if that’s possible, and more money for his pet project, the Arts Center.

A person commented that Bill Clinton could work with a Republican House of Representatives, but failed to mention that was before the rise of the tea party. The only thing the tea party has accomplished is the fact that a Republican will never be elected president as long as mainstream Republicans allow the tea party to run things. The majority of Americans will not vote for a tea party candidate.

We depend on science for almost everything, but when it comes to coal and climate change, many are denying scientific fact. Science relates to us everyday. We all need clean air and water to survive. You cannot eat and breathe coal and survive. Not just us, but future generations.

If you really think that paying taxes is patriotic then you are as far out there as you can get and I have no use for you. If the money went to good use, I might not mind, quite as much, but I’m sick and tire of the tax dollars wasted on welfare, free cellphones and other wasteful programs. Cut welfare and use that money to teach those people how to work and support themselves.

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