Readers’ Voice: Aug. 9, 2014

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Concerning the sewage system for different places that don’t already have them, I hope no one signs the paper for it. Let them cut our water off. The government didn’t keep that spill from coming in the river, so who cares?

Shelley Moore Capito can talk all she wants to about saving coal, but she isn’t going to talk about saving Medicare, Social Security or women’s rights. That’s not her policy.

I see a lot of men and women in nice clothing stores drinking beverages and getting liquid on their hands and on clothing in these stores. Let’s stop this, people.

I was wondering how to reach the Kanawha County assessor. They left a tag on my door and when I call the number listed on it, it is the wrong number that leads to a plant. When I get the right number to call, no one answers or it tells me that the number is not accepting phone calls. I’ve been trying for two weeks.

Are you kidding me? Our Congress is at 7 percent approval rating and you still want to vote for Capito or Rahall? I’d vote for Mickey Mouse before I’d vote for either of them.

I just saw that a caller said that county officials are getting a 12 percent raise. That’s amazing. I work for the city of Charleston doing street repair and I haven’t had a total of 12 percent raise in 10 years. It’s really nice how they take care of the people who do the work.

To the nice gentleman who paid for my lunch on Sunday in Nitro, it was a pure act of kindness. Thank you so much, I won’t forget it.

The state keeps awarding outlandish multimillion-dollar contracts for overpriced, nonfunctioning systems which in many cases are not needed, wanted and are also illogical. Perhaps the root cause is the state Democratic Party.

Republicans say that they don’t believe in scientists and their facts on climate change, but when their doctor tells them to take prescription medicine to stay healthy or alive, they will do it. Medicine comes from scientists.

Someone called and asked why two infected Ebola workers were brought back to the United States. First, they were brought back to see if their lives could be saved. Second and most importantly, they were brought back so that they could be studied in Atlanta near the CDC to see if a cure could be found. That’s the reason.

Get ready for your telephone and Internet bills with Frontier to go sky-high. They reached a labor agreement with their workers, so guess who will pay for that.

Teachers are paid to teach the kids at school. I don’t believe in giving them all kinds of homework. The kids work at school all day and then teachers pile all kinds of homework on them so they work all evening after they come home. They’re doing schoolwork for about 12 or 13 hours a day and it’s too hard on them.

Cigarettes may be unhealthy, but evidence indicates that alcohol and marijuana are a much bigger threat to society.

Obama’s war on coal ain’t right. If they keep making electric using those windmills it won’t be long till all the air is used up and there’s nothing left to breathe. Talk about dumb.

You need to eat at home if children bother you.

Don’t know how the Republicans missed this, since they are the law-and-order people, but there is a law that President Obama failed to pursue and enforce. Under our laws, torture isn’t just a crime; the United States is legally obligated to prosecute its perpetrators. And despite the confessions of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, that is what Obama failed to do.

Dan Cook’s piece in Thursday’s Gazette is the same old liberal nonsense (all Republicans are bad and evil). The economy here is one of the worst in the nation and has been since I entered the work force in 1980. Why does he not write a piece challenging the state Democratic Party to come up with a plan to create a robust state economy instead of us having to settle for the basket-case economy we have had since at least the 1970s?

The patch of wildflowers at the Hurricane on ramp are nice. They looked ever nicer before somebody trampled a spot so they could photograph their girlfriend. Next time he needs to plant his own flowers.

Why do we waste state taxpayer dollars on low-enrollment state-supported schools? With distance and online learning, why can we not consolidate our higher education schools? We think nothing of consolidating our state’s public schools.

Most West Virginians understand this is not a war on coal, but on pollution and the destruction of our beautiful mountains. Strip mining is really just heavy equipment operators tearing up our land, never to be the same again. All of our coal mine communities are dirt poor, but the owners are the fat cats living off the backs of the hardest workers in the state.

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