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Tennant campaign releases new TV ad

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Natalie Tennant. Bob Wojcieszak/Daily Mail

A new television ad released today by the Natalie Tennant campaign aims to highlight the Democrat’s record.

Tennant, who currently serves as secretary of state, is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by retiring Sen. Jay Rockefeller, also a Democrat. The new television ad comes on the heels of a previous ad that shows Tennant shutting off the lights at the White House and taking a stand for coal jobs.

The new ad takes a different turn, showing Tennant standing in front of the federal courthouse in downtown Charleston — the location where her office brought charges against three members of her own party who were later convicted for election fraud.

“I won’t tolerate self-serving politicians of either party,” Tennant says in the ad.

Not only was the secretary of state’s office successful in aiding in the conviction, but also in returning $3 million to state taxpayers.

“After I cut my budget in the secretary of state’s office, I gave $3 million back to the taxpayers, where it belongs,” she says in the ad.

Tennant and Republican challenger Rep. Shelley Moore Capito released their first ads at the end of July.

A 60-second ad featured the congresswoman talking about energy and coal jobs. A 30-second spot also was released in local media markets that “focuses almost entirely on attacking Capito’s opponent,” including Tennant’s endorsement of President Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.

Tennant spokeswoman Jenny Donohue said the Tennant campaign’s new ad shows she is willing to stand up to those in power, even within her own party.

“Natalie Tennant has a proven record as an independent leader who stands up for West Virginia and puts people above politics or profits,” she said. “While Natalie Tennant was saving $3 million and giving it back to taxpayers, Congresswoman Capito was supporting bonuses for Wall Street bankers like her husband at taxpayers’ expense.”

Capito serves on the House Financial Services Committee.

Note: This article initially reported incorrect information about Capito’s ads. The Capito campaign did begin running 30- and 60-second spots in late July, as announced by the campaign at the time.

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