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Readers Voice: Aug. 14, 2014

Wasn’t Doug Skaff the legislator who ridiculed a food-labeling bill a while back by bringing donuts and Tudors biscuit sandwiches onto the House floor? I saw a recent campaign photo of him. Maybe it’s time to lay off the biscuits and donuts, Doug.

Natalie Tennant trying to act all tough in her commercials is a joke. I had some respect for her before the commercials but now I have no respect for her.

The Friends of Coal aren’t just the coal companies. You also have hundreds of smaller service industry companies supporting the mines. Thousands of workers who never mined a lump of coal are affected by these layoffs.

Those who question the qualifications of Natalie Tennant for U.S. Senate have forgotten that Shelley Moore Capito had only served as a two-year member of the House of Delegates when she was elected to Congress — was she quailfied?

George Bush said, “God told me to end the tyranny in Iraq.” He attacked Iraq and justified it with lies about WMDs resulting in the deaths of 150,000 Muslim people and it destabilized the entire region, bringing us to the current mess. Could you ever vote for another war-mongering Republican president? It truly was the biggest blunder in American history.

Shame on Kanawha County principals who hold back their employees from bettering themselves with jobs in other counties.

Mosquitoes transmit Yellow Fever, West Nile, RNA and chikungunya viruses. Why haven’t mosquitoes been investigated with regard to the Ebola virus?

Give people something for free they’ll support you for ever. Obamacare is a perfect example. The ones benefiting from it will vote Democrat from now on, no matter how screwed up things are.

We have important elections coming up. We have more than one issue to think about before deciding who will get your vote. See the entire picture, do not make your decision based on who has the best commercial on TV or radio. This is not like voting for the best movie etc.

Politics are strange. After a term and a half of being a puppet to Barack Obama, now Hillary Clinton separates herself from him for her own selfish political reasons. She did not have a mind of her own over any of the multiple failings of this administration until it neared election time again.

When the Marmet Locks were expanded, we were told it would be modeled after the Winfield Locks. Look at what we have — an overgrown man-made hill, Mount Marmet, and ponds full of grass. The only thing left is a small picnic area and a fishing pier. I have begged for walking trails but was told there was no manpower to maintain them. How much manpower is needed to keep up a trail of that size?

As we see the GOP fall flat on their face and the nothingness of all the other ideas that never were produced, the country is finally going back to basics. Paying a fair share of what you have earned is a basic part of democracy.

West Virginia roads are horrible. The WVDOH claims that the previous winter has depleted their summer funds but have managed to find enough funds to build an interchange on I-79 for the baseball team of West Virginia University.

There is a bad smell coming from The Greenbrier hotel: the state of West Virginia giving $23 million of taxpayers’ money to a multimillionaire to build three practice football fields on his property for a out-of-state football team.

I see where Shelly Capito is bringing in the losers to politic for her, beginning with 47% Romney, the man who started Obamacare and who will not build any coal-fired power plants and who earned his money the way most Republicans did, by inheriting it.

Legalize marijuana before others steal West Virginia’s jobs! Eliminate unemployment in West Virginia the easy way. With the experience and intelligence of West Virginia’s people, it could be the pot capital of the country.

Whoever dumped the beautiful silver/gray mother cat and four black kittens at the offices on Smith Street Aug. 8 or 9, you should have your butt kicked. We’re trying to trap, fix, and find homes for these wonderful animals because a busy parking lot in the city is no place for them. So I hope you’re ashamed of yourself, and you’re lucky I didn’t see who you are.

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