Readers’ Voice: Aug. 13, 2014

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Mark Plants says he is going to stay and fight for his job but he said he wasn’t going to cost the taxpayers of this county any money and he would resign if this continued. What’s he going to do?

In the last campaign, Shelley Moore Capito let my brother volunteer to campaign for her and he was doing all he could do. She was very friendly then, but when she was in office it was another story. When he had a problem that he needed her help with, she was too busy to see him.

Let’s hear something positive for a change. I want to congratulate WCHS-TV for their great staff. They do a wonderful job, and I know that those out in the field are young and just learning, but they are fantastic. They have become like my family, and I can’t do without them every day.

Do you ever find it amazing that judges think that they are above the law? They think that they can do whatever they want in the courtroom and get away with it because they are a judge. They need to be held to greater scrutiny than the average public.

I wish that someone would keep the people off the St. Albans-Nitro bridge with the buckets asking for money. It’s starting to be a real issue.

Are Pennsylvania Avenue or Lakewood Drive in St. Albans ever going to be paved, or are we going to have to go through another winter with our road in the condition that it’s in?

You can bet if the Kanawha Valley meteorologists predict 80 percent chance of heavy rain, we will have drought conditions, so water your flowers and your gardens.

Every college football team in America has a cartoon mascot representing the college. What does West Virginia have? We have a bearded hillbilly with a musket wearing a greasy outfit. How disgusting is that?

I’ll bet a lot of those people who are at the Capitol protesting the mining near Kanawha State Forest are also supporters of Shelley Moore Capito. She will never stop any coal mine from being anywhere. They ought to change their priorities.

I agree with the reader who said St. Albans used to be a nice and friendly town but not anymore. Seniors cannot afford to move, but anyone who can should move to another city that looks out for its residents and promotes growth for their family’s wellbeing. Shopping is pitiful, all we have is fast food, and all they spend their money on is historical restoration and the arts. We need good roads; ours are horrible.

They say there is a big buzz about Marshall’s football season this year, but season ticket sales are no better than last year and might be even lower. Where’s the buzz?

I reported the grandma scam to the Attorney General’s Office six months ago and nothing was ever mentioned in the paper and cost us $3,600. Just think of how many other people could have been spared if they would have notified the people then. That’s your tax money at work.

Suzette Raines is the prime example of the Republican strategy in this state and nationwide. Since they have successfully gerrymandered the districts into concentrated voting blocs of the feeble-minded that are of the Republican persuasion they then run a candidate who is an empty suit. They have no real convictions.

I don’t know who is in charge of Capito and Tennant’s commercials, but with so many people in this state, why are the two candidates catering completely to 17,000 coal miners? This is a pathetic commercial and it is turning people away, so they need to wise up.

Any pharmaceutical company that charges $1,000 per pill for a live-saving medication doesn’t have a right to complain about their bottom line or taxes. Why don’t we ban all imports of medications manufactured outside the U.S.? Those who leave the country are avoiding inspections, not taxes.

To the person trying to call the assessor’s office: He probably has everything he needs. They came to my house while I wasn’t home and took pictures of the house, and they aren’t supposed to do that if you aren’t home. So I wouldn’t try to call them back; they probably have everything they need from you.

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