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One arrested after East End shooting

F. BRIAN FERGUSON | Sunday Gazette-Mail
Charleston police look for shell casings on the parking lot of the Shop ‘n’ Go Food Mart on Washington Street East following a Saturday afternoon shooting. Police arrested one man and planned to charge him with wanton endangerment.

Charleston police had one man in custody after gunshots were fired at a convenience store on Charleston’s East End Saturday afternoon.

No victims were reported. One car in the Shop ‘n’ Go Food Mart store’s parking lot was hit with a bullet, according to police.

Charleston Police Sgt. P.A. Perdue said two officers were across the street at the East End Bazaar when they heard what sounded like shots fired.

“Whenever they went over to check it out they found an individual that was walking away and said, ‘I’m not hit, I’m not hit. He’s got a gun and I’m not chasing him,’” Perdue said.

Several vendors at the Bazaar did not know if they heard a gunshot or a car backfire, they said.

It’s the second weekend Charleston police had a presence at the Bazaar, vendors said.

Police did not immediately release the name of the man, who police said would be charged with wanton endangerment.

A store clerk, who did not want to provide his name, said he had just stepped outside for a chat and smoke break with a co-worker.

“I noticed that there was an altercation between a guy in the truck and one guy standing outside of the truck,” the clerk said. “They guy ran around the truck and came back around. Then the guy in the truck took a shot at him.”

He estimates he was about two feet away from gunfire.

“I’m pretty agitated. I’m ready to leave,” he said.

He said he’s worked at the store for about 20 years.

“I’ve seen a lot throughout the years,” he said. “It has quieted down a lot up until today. I’m really kind of wondering if it has quieted down now.”

People are still out there doing what they are not supposed to do, he said. He’d like to see the crime stop.

“There are people’s lives in danger, he said. “When you have a wife and four children — and mine are practically babies — I’m not ready to leave them or my wife.”

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