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Vent line: Aug. 16, 2014

Instead of segregation and prejudice, why doesn’t Girls Night Out become “People’s Night Out”? Men donate to the YWCA too.

Thank you to Steve Fitzgerald and the Lions Club for your hard work and efforts to ensure a very pleasant Summer Fest on Aug. 1 and 2 at the Campbells Creek Community Park.

I think it is about time that we disband the city of Glasgow. It is plum out of sight. Fifty-two percent raise in water and sewer rates is ludicrous and out of the question.

Hell would certainly seem to be just and reasonable in light of the wicked, violent and barbaric behavior in the world today. There will come a day when God’s wrath will be poured out and justice will rule.

If Allen Tackett is retired from the National Guard then they should stop putting the title “major general” in front of his name. He is just plain Allen.

I just drove through the intersection of Court and Virginia streets here on Thursday. If you are having a problem with the way it is marked then you need to quit driving. I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

To the person complaining about football practice at Winfield High: You must be new. That is the norm for practice sessions, and you cannot get it done in an hour or two. It is impossible.

I agree with the caller who said the BB&T display of the American flag is beautiful. When my husband was in the hospital, I sat there many an evening watching that beautiful flag blow in the breeze.

It is Thursday at the first round of the PGA Championship. Tiger is +3 — time for a back problem.

Where is our Congress? Have they all gone on vacation, gone home or left for the moon? We have problems they are supposed to be taking care of. I am embarrassed.

Instead of worrying about Russia and the small country of Ukraine, the United States and other free-world countries need to take a good look at what is going on in the Middle East and northern Africa. Radicals are now controlling an area as big as the United States.

I believe an oxymoron is better than a user-idiot for Obama.

We’re to believe liberals love children so much they are willing to bankrupt our country to take care of all the poor children of the world? They want to be able to kill a full-term baby for no other reason besides it being an inconvenience.

Why does the city put so much money in the Cato golf course and nobody ever pays to play?

Does Charleston really want to see the face of domestic violence? They need not go further than the front page of the Daily Mail on Thursday. Justice Workman’s son beat and kicked his sister in the head and left her in a ditch. That is clearly domestic violence.

Six months ago, Obama said Iraq was secure and safe. Now he is authorizing airstrikes against ISIS. No one could be any more wrong than Obama.

It is shameful the postmaster could not change Old Glory on Washington Street.

You say Obama says he didn’t want to do away with coal. What about his statement before he was elected about making a coal plant so expensive it would be unaffordable?

You can tell it was a Supreme Court justice’s son when he was released on such a small bond for such a vicious crime. Who was this magistrate anyhow?

Spanking a child with a belt is not domestic violence. I wish people would leave Mark Plants alone and let him do his job.

As far as the mountaintop removal goes, all they want to do at Kanawha State Forest has nothing to do with coal. They want to flatten the land to build houses. The same as Rush Creek. All the other mines are laying off and here they want to do all this work near the forest.

To the idiot who compared the football schedules of WVU and Marshall. WVU wanted in the Big 12. Last year they only won four games. It is not the schedule; it is the team. They will be pitiful again this year.

Shelley Moore Capito’s beef about Natalie Tennant backing Barack Obama for two elections doesn’t fly. Capito backed the Bushes in all their elections. You’ve done the same thing; you’ve backed your party.

How many of the people protesting the coal mining at Kanawha State Forest are actually supporters of Shelley Moore Capito. I am sure a lot of them are, but it doesn’t make sense that they could hold both those values.

Libraries are very much needed. Everyone does not have the luxury of going online. Libraries are not just for students. They are for everyone, including the elderly.

Capito has been in office for a long time. What has she done to help the coal miners?

You can tell winter is coming because Two-Dollar Danny is striping the streets in town and not paving them. He thinks we are not watching him.

Natalie Tennant campaigned vigorously for then-Sen. Obama for president in 2008 knowing full well his disdain for coal. Now that she is running for the U.S. Senate, she is distancing herself from that fact. Some undereducated voters in West Virginia will be swayed by this faux flip-flop to get public opinion on her side.

West Virginia will elect the first woman to the U.S. Senate, and Tennant is not the one.

I am so tired of seeing comments about Bush made in comparison to Obama. Bush hasn’t been in office for over six years. Let Obama’s decisions stand on their own.

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