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Readers’ Voice: Aug. 16, 2014

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Here they are again — these teenage kids going to middle school, standing at the bus stop smoking cigarettes. Can anything be done about that?

Everyone is crying and complaining about how bad the $40 an hour and 20,000 miners have it. How about the 60,000 or 70,000 poor people in the state that are completely ignored by the politicians? How about a little help there, Capito?

Someone called and said that the Ebola virus could be studied effectively in Africa. That would be a little like studying the Ebola patients at Welch Emergency Hospital or a place like that. How do you think that would go?

Shawnee Park is not in Dunbar. Why do they always want to call Shawnee Park and Institute Dunbar?

What this country needs to do is take all weapons away from the city police and the sheriffs and let them clean this country up. When they are finished cleaning up this country, send them to Iraq and let them clean that up.

Surely there are more important things to bring up in the news besides the death of Robin Williams. I know he was a great actor and everything, but what did he do that’s worth all of the time spent on him in the news?

I thought counterfeiting was five to 10 years federal time. I don’t understand how a female Asian can counterfeit money and pass it off and then be caught with counterfeit bills and just have one year of probation. Does it pay to be a foreigner here?

I think that Joe Manchin did get it right when he said most coal miners are veterans. There are seven coal mine veterans in my family.

It’s mighty nice of Mitt Romney to come to West Virginia to help elect Democrats. With friends like Romney, the Republicans don’t need enemies.

Thanks to the TV and radio stations, The Charleston Gazette, the fans, the volunteers, the players and the families for supporting the West Virginia Lightning football team this year. Come and support them for the upcoming new season.

This is a comment about Sissonville Road, Route 21 North. Every day we try to pull out of our driveway and almost get hit. Police need to have a checkpoint watching the two lanes coming up Whittington Hill because someone is going to get killed there.

I see now that we are beating up on Obama for implementing a George W. Bush policy that was put in place to make a Ronald Reagan law work on immigration. Are we sure that we just don’t like him because he’s black?

Look how long Shelley Moore Capito has been in office and Mitch McConnell and several other Republicans. The anti-Democrats complain that the Democrats have been there forever and haven’t done anything. Rockefeller, Rahall and Byrd have sent more money through here on grants and federal aid for jobs and roads than all of the Republicans in the United States combined.

If the Kanawha County Commission is going to continue throwing money away over Mark Plants, I as a taxpayer would like to have a couple thousand dollars to go on vacation.

I seem to have forgotten the date Obama is collecting our weapons. Does anyone remember that date?

Republicans keep complaining about the Senate not voting on the bills sent to them by the Republican-controlled House. How about the bills the Senate sends to the House and John Bonehead won’t let come up for a vote because he’s afraid they might pass?

I’m all for spanking your children. I spank mine when they need it. But if everyone spanked their children the way Mark Plants spanks his, then the area emergency rooms would be full of children. The object of discipline is to correct bad behavior, not leave marks and bruises for days. My wife and I spanked all of our kids and never left a mark. The reason, we never lost control. Mr. Plants should learn to do the same.

Rich Republicans run businesses and make more money before going into politics. Rich Democrats go straight into politics, live off the taxpayers and lobbyists. They leave politics richer than when the entered and never worked a real job in their lives.

One person was worried about mosquitoes transmitting the Ebola virus. While there are some illnesses that mosquitoes can transmit, they don’t transmit most others. For example, mosquitoes do not transmit rabies, influenza and HIV. Different viruses have different transmission routes, and all research indicates that mosquitoes do not transmit Ebola. Of course, that won’t stop conspiracy theorists from saying otherwise.

Rep. Capito says in her TV plea that she has approved this ad, but where is she approving any bills? None helping poor West Virginians. Shelley Moore Capito voted for the Ryan budget. Enough said.

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