Funerals for: August 16, 2014

Amburgey, Lois J. 11 a.m., Evans Funeral Home, Chapmanville.

Bartol, Agnes 9 a.m., Holy Family Catholic Church, Richwood.

Brooks, Billy W. Sr. 2 p.m., Morgan Funeral Home, Lewisburg.

Brown, Louise 3 p.m., Stockert

Bryant, Norma L. 2 p.m., Lewisburg Manor, Lewisburg.

Burdette, Stanley W. 1 p.m., Presbyterian Church, Point Pleasant.

Cain, John W. 1 p.m., House of Prayer, Gauley Bridge.

Calloway, Lewis 7 p.m., United Missionary Baptist Church, Mt. Hope.

Campbell, Delbert P. 11 a.m., Valley View Memorial Gardens, Hurricane.

Carter, Jimmie R. 11 a.m., Griffith's Creek Cemetery, near Alderson.

Cash, Ruby M. 11 a.m., Gatens

Claytor, Mary I. 1 p.m., Heart of God Ministries, Beckley.

DeBord, Gene D. 1 p.m., Bible Center Church, Charleston.

Drennen, Joyce A. 2 p.m., Church of the Nazarene, Oak Hill.

Dumont, John W. 11 a.m., Broyles

Edwards, Paul L. Sr. 1 p.m., Riverview Baptist Church, Charleston.

Fox, Millicent 11 a.m., High Lawn Memorial Park, Oak Hill.

Frame, Andrew M. 11 a.m., Richard M. Roach Funeral Home, Gassaway.

Hensley, Franklin 1 p.m., James Funeral Home Chapel, Aracoma.

Mastin, Todd A. 11 a.m., Morris Funeral Home, Cowen.

Miller, Raymond A. 1 p.m., Stevens & Grass Funeral Home, Malden.

Osborne, Nevada 11 a.m., Wilson

Rizzuto, Peggy A. 3 p.m., Miller Cemetery, Rock Creek.

Tawney, Gladys D. 2 p.m., Handley Funeral Home, Danville.

Taylor, Jean B. 1 p.m., Wilson Funeral Home, Charleston.

Thaxton, Chester K. 11 a.m., Good Shepherd Mortuary, South Charleston.

Wilson, Paul D. 2 p.m., Bartlett

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