Potpourri: Monday, August 18, 2014

Here’s another cost inflicted on taxpayers by Kanawha prosecutor Mark Plants: Family Judge Mark Snyder was charged last year with grabbing a nurse’s arm in a hospital. Normally, Plants would have prosecuted the case — but months of delay occurred because Plants’ personal lawyer was defending the family judge, and a substitute prosecutor from Boone County had to be appointed.

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Corrupt Mingo County prosecutor Michael Sparks, on his way to federal prison, says God chose to jail him so he can be a missionary to other inmates. The Williamson Daily News quotes Sparks as saying he will lead fellow prisoners in prayer and Bible study each evening. “God has foreordained my circumstances for His glory,” Sparks said. “...To Him be glory forever. Amen.... I readily submit to God’s sovereign will.”

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We gave a “Smile” to Kroger for halting over-the-counter sales of cold remedies that are “cooked” by criminals in narcotic meth labs. However, we later learned that Kroger only partly restricted sales at its 40 West Virginia pharmacies — unlike several other chains that stopped the illicit drug flow entirely. Therefore, our Smile is reduced to a faint Mona Lisa half-smile.

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America’s coal industry provides 200,000 jobs, Time says — exactly the same total created by solar energy (150,000) and wind energy (50,000) combined. “But clean energy can’t match fossil energy’s clout” in U.S. politics, the national newsmagazine added. Conservative politicians stampede to do coal’s bidding.

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A left-leaning radio network called The Real News says Vice President Joe Biden’s son heads the largest gas-fracking company in Ukraine — and a U.S. Senate bill would guarantee federal loans for Ukrainian frackers. Well, young Biden doesn’t need to travel halfway around the world; he could come to northern West Virginia and Pennsylvania, where fracking has unleashed a soaring natural gas industry.

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Frequent Democratic campaigner Sally Shepherd and Republican Rep. Shelley Capito look somewhat alike. Shepherd says she once attended a Democratic rally and noticed a woman glowering at her. The woman finally blurted: “Oh, I thought you were that Capito woman.”

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