Reader’s Voice: Aug. 19, 2014

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Yes Bush spent a lot of time at his ranch and family place in Maine. Still no comparison to Obama’s “Life of Rich and Famous” vacations. The recent pictures of his dancing at Martha’s Vineyard country club while the world burns should be enough to make his strongest supporters mad.

You got ticketed for running a stop sign? Well boo hoo hoo, my heart just bleeds for you. I wish the police actually spent more time ticketing people for running stop signs and red lights, not using turn signals, stopping the middle of crosswalks, etc. If they started collecting fines, they’d be able to hire more police.

Natalie needs to call Capito on beating a dead horse. No one has declared war on coal; coal is dirty and expensive to extract. Let’s get on with the issues and the future for West Virginia like gas production and how we can prosper from it. We are sick of your war on coal antics. Other people live here and we want cleaner air.

Every day someone in the Malden-Rand area is burning something and it stinks up the air for everyone. Especially if you have allergies

So sad. People working to make a living are being shot by someone who is making a living off of innocent people.

Seems Gayle Manchin (Sen. Joe Manchin’s spouse) couldn’t find a suitable superintendent of schools for the state of West Virginia — so she went to Maryland? What’s all this hollering about Maryland?

To all those people protesting the mining near Kanawha State Forrest, you are wasting your time. Coal companies own this state.

As a retired Guardsman with more than 25 years of service, I am always grateful for any action that recognizes our soldiers. I am, however, troubled by the recent court decision concerning awarding retirement credit to state employees for active duty for training performed as Guardsman and/or Reservists. The noble intent of this provision was to reward those who performed active duty military service which removed them from their families and from the civilian job market for a long period of time. Obviously, those of us who served in the Reserve components did not suffer from such penalties. As a retired Guardsman, I receive a nice pension and free health benefits for me and my wife, which is more than adequate compensation for my service.

The Gazette editors are quite right to point out that campaigning politicians who insistently pander to the coal community are deliberately marginalizing the needs and interests of the majority of the state’s voters. Even taking into account those 20,000 miners and their families, local businesses that are supported by those miners, and lobbyists who count on coal to support their affluent lifestyles, they remain but a fraction of the state’s voters. It’s insulting to the rest of us that neither Capito, Tennant, Rahall nor Jenkins cares about our concerns.

Charleston’s current ticket campaign has caused me to lose respect for the police department and have no desire to do anything in Charleston.

To walk down Quarrier Street in the middle of the day and hear people screaming and cursing at each other (usually it’s around St. John’s where the people congregate for lunch time.), I have no qualms whatsoever about feeding hungry people, but I’d just like to ask them if they eat with those same mouths that they spew the filthy language from?

Could doctors and hospitals charge less if they didn’t do so much television advertising?

Came through Philippi on my way back from Clarksburg yesterday. Gas prices in Philippi were $3.59 and back in Parsons, $3.79. What gives here?

I have received several calls on my landline and my number shows up on my caller ID but you can’t call yourself so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I’ve contacted the telephone company a couple of times and they can’t give me an explanation.

Natalie Tennant, you have lost my vote with your sickening ad. If you talk like a Republican then you must be one. I am a coal miner’s widow and I have never and will never vote for a Republican.

Why would anybody vote for Shelley Moore Capito when she has voted over 40 times against affordable health care?

I am going to vote for Natalie Tennant for this simple reason — she is not Capito.

Why do smokers have to be so filthy? They stink up the air and litter the ground.

Why wasn’t Governor Tomblin at the opening of the new building at West Virginia State University? He seems to attend everything else.

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