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Readers’ Voice: Aug. 21, 2014

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The West Virginia Division of Highways may have depleted funds and not have money to fix up all the torn up roads that we have in the state but they have enough to send a survey crew to Teays Valley to put up a sidewalk out in Cow Creek and Sleepy Hollow Drive for absolutely no reason at all.

I know a lady who is in her late 90s and lives alone. She was very active in her church until she got sick. No one comes or calls or visits her. Shame on the people of the church.

We in Dupont City, on Main Street, have a problem with cats. They mess on your porch and on your sidewalk and driveway. Can something be done about it?

To the lady who was talking about having her medicine in different drug stores and they didn’t like it, that would make a mess out of Medicare or Medicaid or any insurance if they had to be divided between different drug stores and medication. That would be a mess.

I guess Little Creek Golf Course is trying to re-establish their country club status. They’ve seen me for the last time. I’ll be playing at Scarlet Oaks or Sandy Brae.

The inmate writer that mentioned he received a 50-year sentence for a $105 mugging that he believed was excessive. What he failed to mention to us was did he have any prior convictions? Maybe that constituted his sentence.

At least they swiped over the potholes coming up South Park Road. I hope they don’t pave it, because I like driving through the potholes.

Mike Brown was murdered, plain and simple.

If the media were not present in Ferguson, Missouri, there would be no problem. But of course the media is more concerned with their ratings than the violence, which they promote.

To the Mount Olive inmate writer, although I do sympathize with your situation and do understand what you are saying to an extent, you were locked up for your crime, not your disease. Kidney disease patients don’t go out and mug people because they have a kidney disease. You need to work for your own money and support your own disease.

I’d rather be West Virginia redneck who believes in God than a liberal atheist on a highway to hell.

Anyone who spanks his child with a belt either does not care about his child’s feelings or has definite violence issues.

I grieve for Robin Williams. His mirth and good humor contributed greatly to my family’s happiness. Who knows what private pain a comedian hides. God bless his soul.

The Republicans in Congress want to impeach President Obama. Will Shelley Capito vote yes? I bet she will.

Beating a child with a belt is not domestic violence? Yeah, you’re right. What it is, is assault and battery with intent to commit harm. Five to 15 years in prison.

Does West Virginia have a state law that says you have to provide adequate shelter, such as a barn for livestock as in cows and horses?

Does anyone know of anybody still collecting the aluminum tabs off of cans? My husband works in a bar and he takes the time every night to tear them off and we have bags full.

Does anyone have any information on Marshall’s homecoming, like the date and who they play?

It’s interesting to follow the left with its media support when they are criticizing conservatives, they are perfectly right always. Yet when conservatives are critical of this president and administration or liberals its always pointed to as hate speech. You may fool a lot of folks, but not me.

The petition to remove Mark Plants from office is more criminal than his domestic problems warrant. Granted he has made some mistakes, but he is attempting to do his job in a very hostile environment. The county commissioners know he will sue and they will lose, so why cost the taxpayers even more money as a result of their poor choices?

Placebo effect. Replace somebody’s Tylenol with a sugar pill and their headache goes away. Tell them the city water might have something in it. Their skin will itch.

Israel has been refusing to allow employees of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to enter the Gaza Strip in order to conduct their own independent investigations into the fighting, using various bureaucratic excuses.

OK. We’ve compared the number of Obama vacation days to the number Bush took. Now let’s compare the number of campaign/fundraising events.

Why do the local television stations waste so much of my time with national stories? The lawlessness in Ferguson, Missouri is of absolutely no interest to me.

The front page of the Gazette today shows the true face of ignorance. Can’t believe any West Virginian would vote Republican. It goes against the grain of health, education and one’s livelihood. Yes I have worked for over 46 years and pay way over my share of taxes and being an American I am so very glad I have the opportunity to share my wealth with anyone who needs it.

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