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Readers’ Voice: Aug. 22, 2014

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The deal that the justice’s son got sure sounds like a shady, backroom deal that will help the prosecutor when he fight for his law license. I guess the public is supposed to believe a crony over what witnesses saw when they called police? Just further evidence that we need a change in that office and we need it now.

I hate to tell the school board, but is it not real smart to put a rehab center next to a school. Most common-sense people want to keep drug addicts away from students and schools, but I guess not in Kanawha County. If you want to see why our government is broken from top to bottom; look no further than moronic decisions like this one.

If you’re a Democrat, worked 46 years and paying more than your fair share of taxes, it’s because the people you keep putting in office refuse to cut spending and balance the budget. I don’t mind helping the needy. I’m tired of carrying the lazy.

All you West Virginia and Kentucky coal miners, be sure you get out and vote for Shelley Moore Capito and Mitch McConnell. After all, look at all they have done for you the last 20 years.

Kroger has tougher meth ingredient limits than those passed by the Legislature, which the people elected to represent them.

Rep. Capito should have to answer to her campaign rhetoric and actions leading up to this election that she still utters today. Tax cuts create jobs, so where are the jobs after eight long years of GW the decider? There are laws against uttering falsely. What a pure lie.

Appalachian Power robocall says the power will be off for 90 minutes “sometime in the next two weeks.” Thanks a lot. Does Appalachian Power not know when they have their employees scheduled to do the work? Two weeks is useless information for me.

The malicious wounding charges against the son of Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman have been dropped. Surprise, surprise. Typical backwoods justice. A victim cannot dictate whether a crime has been committed. It is the state’s duty to make this determination. Even if there was not enough evidence to support a malicious wounding charge, it’s clear that other crimes are likely.

Isn’t it interesting that a Nevada tax cheat owing the federal government a million dollars welcomed dozens of heavily armed militia members who threatened to murder government officials. Fox News network and a Republican United States senator called them “patriots” and “freedom riders”, but an unarmed man in Missouri is a “thug.” Are conservative really that stupid?

It’s clear. Republicans are rooting for the country to fail, and are helping to achieve that, so that they may be elected. What a sorry bunch.

How many coal jobs have been lost because of Obama’s “war on coal”? None! The regulations have not taken effect yet.

The person who said he would rather be a West Virginia redneck who believes in God than a liberal atheist who’s going to hell makes two assumptions. First, he assumes all atheists are liberals and then he assumes there is a hell. I challenge him to prove both assumptions.

We now know that the police officer in Missouri was beaten. Plain and simple.

Shelley Capito’s new ad is full of lies. My co-pay under Obamacare is now $10, down from $20. I still have my choice of doctors. The donut hole is closing and the world has not ended. I am sorry she has voted to repeal Obamacare 40 times and, in failing to repeal it, has to spread lies about it. Don’t vote for a liar.

If a high ranking general had lost his life while Bush was on vacation you can bet he would have dropped vacation plans and attended funeral. Obama didn’t want to be bothered.

If those with solar panels would unplug them for a while, it might warm up. Quit hogging all the sunlight.

Bet traffic is a lot better around The Greenbrier now that the three carloads of Saints fans have left. To use the place 100 days this year you may see some middle schools having camps there. But how many potholes or new water lines would $25 million buy? Great investment.

Yeager Airport trees cut without supervision or oversight. Coonskin Park trees cut without supervision or oversight. Public water intake below chemical tanks with no supervision or oversight. Are citizens and taxpayers sitting ducks?

What is wrong with our postal system? My mail has not been picked up for three days now. I guess if the letter carrier doesn’t have any mail to deliver they are just too lazy to come to the door and pick it up. My mail is clearly visible from every angle. This causes late fees on bills that do not arrive on time. Please get the mail whether you have any to deliver or not.

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