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Jamal H. Khan: The Palestinians, again

By By Jamal H. Khan

The Rev. George Corey’s plea for a Middle East settlement (Gazette, Aug. 5) will surely fall on the same deaf ears who have ignored such pleas for years without so much as a twitch. I mean the ears that matter most, namely, the American ears.

Let us face the truth. There is no hope that the likes of Netanyahu, for whom the Palestinians and their misery is invisible and who carry the Israeli public with them, will ever condescend to recognize Palestinians as human beings. Their lip service for a two-state solution is just that. Their actions are obvious even to a blind man that their intent is permanent occupation of Palestinian lands. They want nothing more than a pacified Palestinian people living in little Bantustan ghettos. By dispersal, by attrition, by starvation, by denial of basic needs for existence these new colonial masters will achieve their goal ultimately, they believe.

For decades, the Palestinians and Arabs have been demonized in the American narrative so successfully that those who see the Palestinian side of the story can be counted on one hand. The great masses are convinced that the Arabs are the villains of this story. Civilized, Westernized, educated and accomplished Israelis are fighting these black hordes who are mere savages and who want to drag these super beings to the level of their own bestial existence. Americans in general are totally ignorant of the real history of the conflict in Palestine. Actually they find a resonance with the American Indian saga — the brave frontiersmen fighting the ruthless savages till they are eliminated.

Americans are not aware of the fact that Palestinians are the accidental victims of the capriciousness of Western diplomacy. They never had any conflicts with Jews; nor did they ever cause any harm to the Jews. Americans don’t know that Arabs and Jews were allies through most of history and Jews found refuge with the Arabs during periodic pogroms that they were subjected to by medieval Christianity. The most diabolical plot was hatched after World War I to resettle Jews in Palestine, thereby solving the West’s perpetual “Jewish problem” using a population, the local Arabs, which could be easily suppressed. Future historians will surely describe this as a shameful and sordid plot that has resulted in continuous bloodshed ever since. It has created a monster militaristic society on the one hand and destroyed and scattered a people who lived in peace and tranquility for centuries.

Recruitment of total American support was a master stroke of Zionism. Constant propaganda has blinded the Americans to the facts. This strategy is working for the time being but time will find America on the wrong side of history. Extracting retribution from the Palestinians for the crimes of the Nazis will not settle anything. Truth has a strange power to manifest itself no matter how many layers it is hidden under. One can see glimpses of truth already escaping into limelight in spite of the majority of media suppressing it.

It is interesting that whatever is anathema for the rest of the civilizations is sacrosanct in case of Israel. Thus discrimination, segregation, economic disparity, unequal justice, all dirty words for Americans, are sacred when uttered for Israel. It goes against civilization and against history. It is strange that the obvious underdogs who suffer greatly under military occupation, whose land is being appropriated piece by piece, who live in abject poverty, who are caged and separated by high walls, are the ones subject to derision and denunciation in American media. It is so un-American that it boggles the mind.

The only modern solution is to have a true multiethnic democracy in Palestine and it IS possible. As history is their witness the Arabs will still be magnanimous in such an arrangement. The Zionists subsist on the lie that the Arabs are out to destroy them. It is a myth, Arab bitterness notwithstanding. The Two State solution is the second best approach but dragging their feet to create Bantustans will be disastrous for the Israelis. They can’t doom their future to life by the sword forever.

Jamal H. Khan is a Charleston heart surgeon.

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