Vent line: Aug. 23, 2014

It is certainly gratifying to know that the benefits of mountaintop removal of coal allows our troops to train in a landscape similar to what is found in Afghanistan.

I can only guess how many rioters and looters in St. Louis would join a terrorist organization if they were given the opportunity. It would probably surprise some.

In regard to the KRT commercials on television: I ride buses all the time. They need to get those lazy maintenance men to clean up those nasty buses. They stink. Clean them up!

Once again my family was unable to attend Ribfest. We so loved all the activities in previous years when there was no reptile exhibit. My children are frightened that they are even on the premises. I myself am disgusted.

To the person who killed the orange and white cat in Belle: His name was Oliver and he was a family pet. You could at least have stopped and helped. He is gone now and the whole neighborhood misses him. Everybody knew Oliver and loved him.

When are they going to air that program “Naked and Diving for Gold” in Alaska’s Bering Sea?

If you want to go out to eat without kids being present, stay home and eat. You can hire a cook. Kids should be heard. They aren’t meant to be silent.

If it had been a normal resident or a private citizen violating a protective order, they would have gone to jail. The prosecutor didn’t do any jail time. This is totally unfair. That is not right. This is totally unethical. And when you properly whip a child, you do not leave a bruise.

Please tell me how rioting and looting honors the memory of someone who was killed. It seems to me all that is doing is reinforcing negative stereotypes about certain groups of people.

The people in Ferguson, Missouri, think it is bad there, they should come to Jackson County in West Virginia. These cops up here will just shoot you for speeding. They get up in the morning hoping for a reason to shoot somebody.

Has anyone not asked themselves why the out-of-state law firm of Nelson, Mullens, Reilly and Scarbro, even though they have an office in Huntington, want to come in and get rid of Mark Plants for free? Come on and let’s do some investigation and see who they know and whose back they’re scratching.

I wish you all would get off Danny Jones’ back for all the taxes he is putting on everything. He has done what no other mayor in Charleston has ever been able to do. My wife and her sisters used to go to town every month and spend between $400 and $500 apiece. Now they have quit.

Good grief. There’s no such thing as free television. You have to buy your television. You have to buy your antenna. The over-the-air broadcast system that you are calling free television is a commercial capitalist enterprise run for profit.

I don’t know whether to tell some folks to loosen up or get a grip. Maybe a little of both.

Libraries are as anachronistic as coal mining.

Kids in public schools aren’t babies. Let them grow up. Wake them up early. Students in college are not children. They are young adults and should be treated as such.

When are the police going to crack down on these handicapped-sticker drivers? These people get two plaques and they give one to their children to do all of their shopping. People who have true handicaps cannot find a place to park. This is not fair.

Don’t forget that the two county commissioners who set the pay scale for the acting prosecutor now are crying the loudest about how much it costs, like they had nothing to do with it. They had everything to do with it.

I was reared! I didn’t just grow up. I was taught to say “please” and “thank you”; to have respect for my elders; and to get up off of my behind and let the elder in the room have my chair; say “yes sir” and “no sir”; lend a helping hand to those in need; hold the door for the person behind me; say “excuse me” when it is needed and to love people for who they are and not for what I can get from them.

The young man who was shot and killed had no recourse, no defense, no trial, no judge and no jury. He was just shot and killed.

Natalie Tennant is an Obama clone.

Experts on terrorist groups say that Islamic State beheaded soldiers, children and killed nonbelievers and compares them to animals. I think the experts should apologize to the animals.

It appears our president’s golf game is more important than personally paying his respects to the family of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, who is a true American hero. I hope you people who voted for this president realize what a really bad mistake you made.

The school board really does think people in West Virginia are stupid. They think they can continue to change the role of principals to create another layer of bureaucrats for us to foot the bill for.

I am anxious to see the relation between the out-of-state law firm and Kent Carper. This firm is coming in to remove Mark Plants for free. I’m sure there is some tie somehow. But, of course, will this be investigated?

At least they striped over the potholes coming up South Park Road. I hope they don’t pave it because I love driving through the potholes.

If the news media weren’t present in Ferguson, Missouri, I think there would be no problem. But of course the media is more concerned with their ratings than with the violence.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton do not stand for preaching; they stand for being revolutionaries. I think both should be put out of the country.

Whether you like the fact or not, when a society like ancient Rome and others chose to accept homosexuality as the norm, they became godless and they fell.

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