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Readers’ Voice: Aug. 23, 2014

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Dr. Gupta thinks that increasing tobacco taxes will make West Virginia smoke-free. I don’t think so. You can’t talk us into quitting so you want to tax us into quitting. The only people you hurt are the people who can least afford to pay the taxes.

Carper said that you are innocent until proven guilty. Why doesn’t this apply to Mark Plants? It only applies to people like Margaret Workman’s son. I think it is a disgrace the way they have treated Mark Plants, and I hope that people vote Carper out of office.

I just heard on the news that one out of four servicemen and their families have to have food banks to feed their families. We are talking about working soldiers who are protecting our country.

To the lady who ran the four-way stop sign: My handicapped sign says, “Please remove before driving.” You aren’t supposed to have that hanging up there.

When Shelley Moore Capito and the Republicans get in, the rich just get richer.

Why do they stop the running news at the bottom of the screen when a commercial comes on?

We love “Funday Morning.” It makes us start the day with a smile.

All of these rants against Shelley Moore Capito, and yet you will still be ignorant enough to vote for her. West Virginia is in trouble.

To the caller who said that we should vote for Ed Rabel whether we agree with him or not: Just how crazy are you? I would never vote for someone that I disagree with. That’s what’s wrong with this country.

Let Danny Jones keep raising the taxes in Charleston. I personally will shop in South Charleston, Cross Lanes, Nitro or Ona. I am tired of King Danny.

I wish people would quote their sources when they say some of these things in Readers’ Voice. A lot of them sound a little off the wall, but if you quote your source it could be researched and be more believable.

To the venter who said George W. Bush was the president who signed the Clean Air Act is wrong. Richard Nixon signed it in 1971, and President Obama is the only president who has tried to enforce it.

Natalie Tennant may not have all of the political connections of her opponent, but I truly believe she loves West Virginia and cares about doing whatever she can to serve her state. Please consider this when you vote.

The governor of Missouri could not even get in one word without the crowd screaming and ranting like a bunch of lunatics.

I keep wondering why Capito doesn’t explain all of her votes when she voted against the health care for the people of West Virginia. All of her commercials are against Tennant, but she should explain to us why she voted against health care.

Regarding the article in Monday’s Gazette about what black parents should tell their sons: That should apply to all children regardless of race, sex or any differences.

I went into the Logan DMV today and they had seven counters and one person waiting on a whole line of people. That is terrible.

How can you raise taxes a half-cent? You can’t cut a penny in two.

In regards to the pension and the National Guard: When they were on active duty, were they paying into the retirement system in order to enable themselves to draw from it? If not, they shouldn’t be entitled to money from those years they served, only the time.

This is a response to the person who said that their home phone number is showing up on the landline: It is also showing up on mine, and I thought it was only me. It seems like almost every day my home phone number shows up. I don’t know who is calling or what they want, but I would like to know how it is being done.

To the reader who challenged whether there is a hell or not: You won’t be dead five minutes until you’ll know, unless you accept Jesus as your savior.

I see where some right-winger is complaining because Obama didn’t attend the funeral of the general killed in Iraq. I wonder if they know how many of the 4,500 military funerals George W. Bush attended as a result of his idiotic invasion of Iraq. I’ll tell you: Zero, none, zilch, nada.

It’s time for all the self-absorbed lemmings to bring the ridiculous ice bucket challenge to an inglorious end.

Once again, our Board of Education has done yet another disservice and disgrace to Capital High School students by giving away property that should be developed to benefit the school community. Can anyone explain how the school board can give away real estate that is owned by the taxpayer?

Watching the dams push all the trash downstream breaks my heart. I pick up trash along one of the dams. Do they think letting it loose at night makes it not so bad? The people who live along the Kanawha have seen their banks covered in trash — they know it’s true. Trash booms going across each river’s county line would fix this.

When will the people of West Virginia wake up? Obama is moving the country ahead. Coal is yesterday’s news. The country can run power plants on natural gas. It’s cleaner and it’s cheaper, and if you think things will change with the GOP, you are just dreaming.

I love National Public Radio. Their broadcast of the British invasion of Washington in August 1814 was clever and totally delightful. NPR, I contribute, but really you are priceless.

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