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I’d like to comment on the person who is with more than 25 years service — I wholeheartedly agree with him. I am also retired but I spent four years in the Air Force during the height of Vietnam and also became a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps and spent three years away from my family overseas. I do not believe that some of these people who go for two weeks should get the same benefits.

I just read in the paper about the person getting calls from their own phone number. I have the same problem. They are trying to get credit card information from you and are using local numbers now to do it. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer.

Belle and Rand are not alone. Every weekend in Montgomery someone is burning trash that smells up the whole town.

I sure am glad to see that the Pope is OKing protection for the Iraqi minorities. That is great. Now if we can just get him to quit preaching anti-contraception to the Third World and allow them to hold their birth rate down, it would be great also.

Why people insist on driving on Teays Valley Road like it is a country lane is beyond me. The speed limit is 45.

I have also received calls on my landline that showed up from my own phone number. They offered to lower my interest rate on my credit cards. My interest rates can’t go any lower — I don’t even have a credit card.

Why does Danny Jones always have to raise taxes to get money? Tell me something — what does he do with all of the user fees he charges people to work in this town? I’m about ready to move out.

Thank you very much to the family that gave me the $100 gift card the day I was working with my children at work. There are still kind people left in this world.

Finally, there’s a chance to vote against Capito. She gets on to Tennant for supporting Obama, but Capito supported Bush and his crazy fiascoes for eight years.

I see nothing wrong with the Washington Redskins’ name. I think it should be an honor for the American Indians.

I object to kids with high-income families receiving free food at school. Why should the kids of well-off people receive free food at school?

What kind of person is against his fellow man having health insurance? Every day without insurance is a constant worry. One incident and your life is torn apart. I’m sure the first family has health insurance. It’s the other 10 million families who can thank God for the Affordable Care Act.

Romney can brag all he wants about winning all 55 counties. He didn’t get my vote — I voted for the winner.

I would like to thank the auto dealerships at Patrick Street for fixing the potholes on the right-of-way at the Kmart back through their dealerships.

Answers to questions: The Ronald McDonald House collects aluminum tabs off cans as a fundraiser for the house. Marshall’s Homecoming is October 11.

What’s up with all these Republican governors? Chris Christie of New Jersey, Bob McDonnell of Virginia, Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and now Rick Perry of Texas is indicted. The party of high morality and family values has more corruption and sex scandals than a soap opera.

It is such a shame that the top 85 richest people have more money than all the rest of the U.S. combined. The Koch brothers have already bought the U.S. Supreme Court. If we vote Republican we are voting for the Koch brothers and others like them, to run the U.S. government as they please. Do you think they care about the middle class and the poor? If the Republicans win, we are up the creek without a paddle.

There’s already a methadone clinic just past Capital High. If you’re out that way 10 or 15 minutes before they lock the doors, you can get run over by the traffic trying to get there. I think one is enough.

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