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On file: Aug. 24, 2014


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Aug. 15 and 22:

Dustin Dewayne Briscoe, 28, and Bridget Marie Wright, 23, both of Nitro.

Brian Lee Holstine, 39, of Charleston and Melissa Sue Gum, 32, of Nitro.

Christopher Michael Harless, 39, and Cheyenne Dawn Robertson, 28, both of Hernshaw.

Mark Edward Lively II, 28, and Megan Lee Coleman, 25, both of Charleston.

Justin Carl Rowe, 24, and Samantha Leigh Hall, 20, both of Charleston.

Marc Aaron Slater, 29, and Tonia Janet Blake, 27, both of Charleston.

Brandon Ray Wiseman, 26, and Autumn Lee Wiseman, 23, both of Elkview.

Austin Lee Winn, 25, of Charleston and Deanna Lynn Deliere, 24, of Elkview.

William Louis Morningstar, 67, of Cross Lanes and Peggy Sue Carte, 45, of Charleston.

Leo Wilfrid McQuabble, 73, and Julie Irene Campbell, 63, both of Cabin Creek.

Thomas Lynn Pile, 26, and Lauren Elizabeth Bess, 24, both of Charleston.

Terry Brian Dangelo, 29, and Danielle Shawnta Oglesby, 21, both of Charleston.

Preston Winford Hall Jr., 43, and Kaleisha Moneek Terry, 34, both of Charleston.

Robert Stephen Foster II, 22, of St. Albans and Chasity Nicole Meadows, 21, of Charleston.

Jason Andrew Reese, 28, and Kelly Suzanne Underwood, 28, both of South Charleston.

James Michael Tyler, 36, of Cedar Grove and Britney Nicole Armes, 26, of Belle.

Roy Gene Roe Jr., 40, and Karen Sue Henderson, 43, both of Hernshaw.

Joshua Neal Rogers, 22, and Jayde Alexis Layne, 22, both of Charleston.

Derek Alan Dickens, 32, and Brandy Nicole Cochran, 32, both of Nitro.

Tyler Dylan Bradshaw, 18, and Trystan Noelle Lively, 18, both of Elkview.

Richard Eugene Harless II, 26, and Tiara Marie Owens, 18, both of Dunbar.

Dylan James Swain, 23, and Aliana Beth Hatmaker, 25, both of South Charleston.

William Keith Pleau, 49, and Christy Dawn Gravely, 38, both of St. Albans.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Aug. 14 and 21:

Sarah Ann Starks from Thomas Lee Adkins Jr.

David Earl Foore Jr. from Julie Lynn Foore

Autumn E. Shaffer from Vincent R. Goff

Eric Cope from Omie Cope

Pamela Sutton from Jerome Sutton

Melissa Morancie from Lester Morancie

Ella F. Clark from Donald E. Quick

Christopher Gregory from Leisa Gregory

Carolyn Harmon from Joseph Harmon

Heather M. Skeens from Eric L. Lang

Cindy Lou Drennen from Thomas Ray Drennen

Misty Dawn McCormick from Joseph Anthony McCormick

George Eric Clark from Tracie Marie Peterson Clark

Alicia Marie Racer from Joseph Ward Racer

Ginger Thomas from Garry Thomas

Charles R. Plantz from Charlotte E. Plantz

Christopher Williams from Tiffany Williams

Veronica Kirk from James Kirk

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Aug. 15 and 22:

Stephanie R. Green to Whitney M. and Christopher B. Humphrey. Lot, Marmet, $89,000.

Franklin R. Anderson to Charlotte A. Hevener and Sherry J. Perdue. Lot, Nitro, $67,000.

Jessica L. Dianellos to Matthew D. Brummond and Merideth D. Smith. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $150,000.

C. Mae Melton to Dixie Ann Conley. Lot, Elk District, $225,000.

Germaine C. Weis and George E. Freeman to Mark Todd and Amy D. Jackson. Lot, Union District, $222,000.

Robert L. and Ruth R. Boggs to Ian V. and Nichole Custer. Lot, Elk District, $345,000.

William Kent and DawnaMarie Nichols to David and Mary Thompson. Lot, St. Albans, $65,000.

Timothy Wyatt Meadows to Carol Kempf. Lot, Nitro, $129,000.

Allen G. and Esther L. Gibbs to Peter K. and Debra A. Lett. Lot, Union District, $145,000.

John H. and Joyce E. Leedy to Matthew Shifflett. Lot, Elk District, $131,000.

James E. and Deborah S. Kahre to Christina Agosti and Samuel Y. Marino Jr. Lot, South Charleston, $129,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bretton Guthrie. Lot, St. Albans, $125,000.

Teays Valley Trustees LLC to Bank of America. Lots, Union District, $170,040.

Teays Valley Trustees LLC to CitiMortgage Inc. Lot, St. Albans, $57,720.

Zachary S. and MacKenzie A. Lanham to Tiffany L. Thompson. Lot, St. Albans, $75,000.

James W. Lane Jr. and Bradford P. Bury to City National Bank of West Virginia. Lot, Charleston, $83,319.30.

Rebecca and Lester Casto to Zachary S. and McKenzie A. Lanham. Lot, Nitro, $145,000.

Mark E. Crouch and Cathy D. Walker to Edgar E. and Patricia P. Lore. Lots, South Charleston, $98,600.

Brandon C. and Rebecca L. Corns to City National Bank. Lot, Jefferson District, $144,000.

David R. Darnold Jr. to Ernest L. and Virginia L. Greathouse. Lot, Union District, $170,220.

Jami K. McClellan to Lester Sargent. Lot, Jefferson District, $55,500.

Charles H. and Mary H. Cobb to Geraldine R. Wright. Lot, Charleston, $254,000.

Moussa Sissoko and Dara Seybold to Brandi M. and Matthew J. Emch. Lot, Charleston, $187,500.

Kaylyn Roe Pierson, Kacy Leann Campbell, Matthew David Campbell et al. to Terry N. and Anita L. Shamblin. Lot, Big Sandy District, $50,000.

M. Eugene Jr. and Marian Boll Weems to Sean Evans. Lot, Loudon District, $145,000.

Thanh Le to Thomas and Kelley Mallory. Lots, St. Albans, $100,000.

Gwendolia B. Wines to Kermit and Joann Tyree. Lots, Poca District, $240,000.

Jeffrey Lee Fisher to Patricia D. Adkins. Lot, Poca District, $177,500.

Zoe S. Cox to DHF LLC. Lot, Charleston, $90,000.

Christi Garrett Settle to Timothy W. Slack and Jessica R. Meador. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $87,000.

William T. Jr. and Jeanine M. Cruey to Jesse L. and Stephanie Marie Eskins. Lot, Cabin Creek District, $113,000.

Larry R. Edens to Clay Bailey, Jerald Fisher, James Edens and Anthony Palla, trustees of Maranatha Baptist Church. Lot, Union District, $84,000.

Troy Giatras to Robert C. and Sherri L. Keffer. Lot, Union District, $50,000.

Chase O. and Anne V. Brackley to Pete and Julie Schleider. Lot, Charleston, $147,500.

Catherine Ellen McClung to William B. and Tracy L. Martin. Lots, Elk District, $149,900.

Faye L. Walter to Richard and Darlene Rose. Lots, Jefferson District, $80,000.

Regina S. Halstad to Patton Development WV LLC. Lots, Spring Hill District, 150,000.

James Grimmett, Mary Grimmett, Betty Wills et al to Patton Development WV LLC. Lot, Jefferson District, $69,150.

Harold Hall and Elaine Callihan to Patton Development LLC. Lot, Spring Hill District, $125,000.

Brenda Gail Smith to Donald L. and Sherry A. Tate. Lot, Charleston, $85,000.

Jeremy M. Burns to Stephanie Turner Boyce and Jacqueline Boyce-Cheshire. Lot, St. Albans, $53,000.

Joseph H. and Mary Jane Morris to Jason and Loarie Butcher. Lots, Elk District, $165,000.

Hereford and Riccardi PLLC to Shop-A-Minit Market. Lot, Belle District, $128,000.

Loarie Hanna Butcher to Patrick M. Clayton. Lot, Charleston, $66,900.

B.J. and Candance D. Huffman to Chantry D. Warden. Lots, Elk District, $200,000.

James R. and P. Joann Burgess to Julie M. Burdette. Lot, Dunbar, $57,000.

Marie E. Snodgrass to Anne Lee Trimmer and Cathy Marie Wilson. Lot, Union District, $75,900.

Kenneth E. Fitzwater Jr. to Jeffrey A. and Angela J. Surface. Lot, St. Albans, $92,000.

Michael A. and Marnett F. Robinson to Asad and Arshia Davari. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $233,000.

Joseph D. White and Andrea D. Hardesty to Robert B. Orders. Lot, Union District, $162,000.

Jenny Lyn Pauley to Brian L. and Betty S. Brown. Lot, Jefferson District, $149,500.

Catherine Anne Gill to Nicholas G. Fish. Lot, Pratt, $82,000.

Erin E. Magee to Stephen N. Chambers and Neva G. Lusk. Lots, Charleston, $446,000.

John R. Perry to Patton Development WV LLC. Lots, Levi, $106,000.

Karey D. Counts to Chaz Boggess. Lot, Nitro, $85,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to David Vanbibber. Lot, Union District, $98,601.

Lawrence Ray and Renee Wells to Douglas A. and Samantha L. Mullins. Lot, Montgomery, $109,900.

Sharon H. Lewis to Roscoe E. Jr. and Cynthia Y. Parsons. Lot, Charleston, $95,000.

Newport III LLC to Jessica and Jeffry H. Hall. Lot, Charleston, $250,000.

Herbert H. II ad Brenda K. Brooks to Nicholas D. Mossor and Kathryn M. Miller. Lot, Union District, $146,000.

Richard Andrew Boner to Danielle N. Evans, Tyler C. Evans and William C. Evans. Lots, Elk District, $128,000.

Lillian Jean and Jerry W. Shaffer to Paul W. and Jo L. Blankenship. Lots, Union District, $245,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of nonexempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette’s circulation area. The following bankruptcies were filed between Aug. 15 and 22:

Clifton Ferrell Sr. and Mary Ann Harrison, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $35,076, Liabilities: $56,023.

Matthew Dean Durst, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $3,425, Liabilities: $14,501.

Tara Suzanne Sisson, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $14,947, Liabilities: $55,467.

Kathy Lynn Harrah, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $17,420, Liabilities: $170,509.

Kathy Lynn Goff, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $86,900, Liabilities: $119,514.

Matthew Carl Kirk, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $22,599, Liabilities: $113,756.

Jonathon Michael Buffington, Peytona, Chapter 7. Assets: $500, Liabilities: $65,232.

Johnnie Ray and Cynthia Dawn Booth, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $105,706, Liabilities: $139,935.

Tammy June Staats, LeRoy, Chapter 7. Assets: $53,915, Liabilities: $71,216.

Robert Gamble Cabell III, Lewisburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $20,000, Liabilities: $76,556.

Michelle Tina Billings, Princeton, Chapter 7. Assets: $423,906, Liabilities: $219,290.

George Henry and Jamie Leigh Holtzapfel, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Delorse Christeen Gunter, Oceana, Chapter 7. Assets: $1,150, Liabilities: $25,066.

Timothy Lee Hopkins, Clendenin, Chapter 11. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

TLH Investments LLC, Clendenin, Chapter 11. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Allegheny Woodworks LLC, Lewisburg, Chapter 11. Assets: $195,455, Liabilities: $245,642.

Johnny RonalSr. and Donietta Midkiff, Branchland, Chapter 13. Assets: $204,400, Liabilities: $235,622.

Ronald Seaburn Green and Brandi Renee Mosley-Green, Mallory, Chapter 13. Assets: $44,572, Liabilities: $36,849.

Bryan Larry and Karen Lynn Schirmer, Ravenswood, Chapter 13. Assets: $310,547, Liabilities: $178,992.

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