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Last week, our map showed that Kanawha State Forest already is half-encircled by strip mines. But a proposed new one is drawing bitter protests because it’s near the Loudendale entrance and popular trails — while the older mines are back in hills, mostly out of sight.

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We said Ralph Nader cost Democrats the 2000 presidential election and put the Bush-Cheney ticket into the White House. Nader’s lawyer denounced our view as “political bigotry.” Well, you decide: Democratic nominee Al Gore lost Florida by only 537 votes, which cost him the presidency. Far-left reformer Nader got 97,488 Florida votes, mostly from people who would have voted Democratic. Do the math and reach your own conclusion.

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Should a circuit judge be removed for unmarried sex? If the judge is a woman, and the sex occurs in her chambers between court sessions, does she deserve ouster? That’s the heart of disciplinary action against Judge Jaymie Wilfong of Randolph County. Or is former Charleston council member Harry Dietzler correct in saying, “I think she has worn the scarlet letter long enough”? Morality is a thorny dilemma. If Judge Wilfong were a man, we wonder if the discipline would be as tough.

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Bearing arms in West Virginia: Boone County police say a Twilight mother and son got into a quarrel, and the son angrily smashed his .30-caliber rifle on the ground. It fired, wounding him through the leg and his mother in the abdomen.

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