Homicide suspect kills himself, police say

By Staff reports

Police say a Parkersburg man took his own life after finding out he was being investigated as a suspect in a homicide.

Robert Gagliardi, 45, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound lying on a creek bank in Parkersburg on Tuesday, according to a release from Parkersburg Police Chief Joseph Martin.

Gagliardi’s roommate of one year, Daniel Whipkey, 54, had been found dead at his home on Saturday.

Gagliardi told officers at the time that Whipkey had fallen while the two were drinking the day before, and Whipkey had not woken up from sleep.

Medical examiners later ruled the death as a homicide and told police that Whipkey’s injuries were consistent with a beating.

Detectives interviewed people familiar with the two roommates who told them Gagliardi had been violent toward Whipkey in the past.

Police believe those interviewed may have tipped Gagliardi off to the homicide investigation.

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