Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour is one big party

By By Ali Woody
Valley High School
Katy Perry performs an intimate acoustic set during a recent concert in Columbus.

Katy Perry has been on her worldwide Prismatic Tour for a little more than three months, and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Her opening acts have changed as she’s traveled, and recently, when I had the pleasure of seeing Katy in Columbus, Ohio, she was with country star Kacey Musgraves and singer/songwriter Ferras.

Ferras was truly a treasure. His style is really unique and fun, and he seemed at ease on stage. This says a lot since he’s an up-and-comer opening for names like Kacey and Katy. His EP was handed out free with any purchase at the merchandise table, and I have since listened through it a few times. He’s a talent that I hope will become an award-winning performer.

Kacey Musgraves is famous for her open and honest style of music. Mixed in with her own songs, she did a few covers and didn’t disappoint in any way.

Listening to her sing brought a whole new vibe and made me want to dance in cowboy boots and play the washboard. She’s a joy to watch, and her stage setup made you feel like you were at a neon barbecue in Arizona. (That’s surprisingly not a bad thing.)

Finally, Katy took her triangular stage in a silver-and-neon outfit singing her hit song, “Roar.” Her energy was lively, and the whole set was like a party.

All of her outfits and set changes brought to life new characters and events. She went from being an Egyptian queen to a killer cat and finished the night off as a walking firework.

My personal favorite section was the acoustic session. Katy, with her rainbow hair and beautiful flowing dress, preformed a few of her slower songs with nothing but a guitar. It was raw and moving.

Her talent is so underestimated by those who don’t see this side of her. She gives her all in her performances and really connects to the audience.

She truly connected with the audience when she shared a pizza with a fan and when she sang “Birthday” to another. Also during “Birthday,” she flew into the sky on a balloon seat and floated around the stadium so that everyone could experience her close up.

She loves her fans so much, and it shows during her concerts. It was a complete honor and a privilege to witness this.

Katy Perry is a wonderful artist, and I hope to see her again. It was completely worth the travel and the money to see her.

She’ll be on this tour until sometime in 2015, staying in the U.S until February and then heading to Europe. The concert is a visual treat, a musical delight and a bangarang of a blowout. Any KatyCat or plain old Perry fan is sure to be impressed.

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