‘My Everything’ takes Ariana Grande’s sound in new direction

By By Samira Shahbandy
George Washington High School
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“My Everything” is singer/actress Ariana Grande’s second album.

Ariana Grande took the music world by storm last year with her debut album, “Yours Truly.” She’s continuing it now with her new album, “My Everything,” which just came out.

After the series finale of her Nickelodeon show, “Sam & Cat,” the 21-year-old singer went into the recording studio. Like artists often do, Ariana Grande is changing her sound a bit.

Whether you’re looking for a fun, upbeat song or a moving ballad, this album has it. Every track is different, which makes it unique. Also, unlike on the last album, Grande stays away from her highest notes here, making the lyrics a bit more audible.

The most popular track on the album is her duet with Iggy Azalea called “Problem.” Although the song is fun, it is played a lot on radio stations, so it may not be a favorite to listen to on the album.

Other duets include “Break Free” (featuring Zedd) and “Best Mistake” (featuring Big Sean). Another song, “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart” was written by Harry Styles of One Direction, and it’s one of the most touching songs on the record. “Bang Bang” (featuring Jessie J and Nicki Minaj) is not on the regular CD, but it is on the deluxe edition, which is well worth the purchase.

The album is filled with so much emotion. It’s evident that Grande poured her heart and soul into the lyrics.

It has some lovely songs, and it also has a few songs that seem to drift away from her usual music. These songs are a bit more grown up, emphasizing a more intimate side of love.

I find when it comes to Ariana Grande, some like her while others can’t stand to listen to her. To be honest, I think this album is so different from her first album that it might change some of the minds of the people who won’t listen to her.

“My Everything” has a bit more of an R&B feel to it. Most of the album is about heartbreak, including overcoming a broken heart. There are also songs about being whoever you want to be, which is a great twist for the album.

As somewhat of a skeptic myself, I wasn’t too sure I’d like her new music. Overall, I found the album to be quite enjoyable, though. Some songs have parts I didn’t care for initially, but as I listened to them more, I grew more fond of them.

All in all, I highly recommend this album to anyone looking for something unique to listen to. Even though it’s different than her other music, it’s just as nice — if not better.

“My Everything” is out now with an exclusive edition of the album available at Target.

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