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Vent Line: Aug. 30, 2014

Kent Carper and the Kanawha County Commission owe David Bowen an apology for what they put him through over this no-good, false accusation about the trees at Coonskin Park. He needs to apologize for the bad things he said publicly on the commission floor and in the paper.

For the border defense problems, patrol from the air to report them coming over. Every state should send some National Guard people to the border to help out. That is what I’d do if I were president.

Please tell your elderly neighbors and family members about the scam where your own home phone number shows up on the caller ID. When you answer they ask you to pay an overdue debt on their personal credit card. I hope the Daily Mail does a full story on this scam.

Reading some of the comments in the Vent Line makes it clear that some liberals aren’t very bright. What makes it worse is that they don’t realize it.

If you want to get the true news facts, tune in to Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. He tells it the way it is and gives an unbiased analysis of daily news.

I know this sounds weird, but were they going to wire those chickens up and turn them loose in the middle of the night someplace and let the chickens run wild and blow up where they blow up? And nobody would know what happened unless they found an unusual amount of chicken feathers. They have some questions to answer.

Politicians are in office 3½ years and then they start petitions the last six months to make the public think they are doing something for them. If they did something the rest of the time for the public, they wouldn’t have to work so hard right before the election.

Shelley Moore Capito must go. Don’t forget that she voted to shut down the federal government, which to me is treason. We need to get rid of the good-old-boy network. Enough is enough.

The clothing designers have dropped the waistline of trousers for both men and women roughly four inches, allowing butts and bellies to look so ugly and men’s trousers to be rolled up around their ankles. The designers need to correct their big mistake.

Where is Patrick McMurtry? [Editor’s note: McMurtry left WCHS/WVAH-TV in April. He now works for WSMV-TV, the local NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee.]

I see why President Obama can be so happy and giving all of those high fives. The more chaotic things become, the better the conditions for Marxism to thrive, so you can understand all of that good cheer.

Is it just me or does anyone else get stopped at every stoplight in Charleston?

Natalie Tennant and Nick Casey are two sure and certain votes for Barack Obama.

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