Readers’ voice: Sept. 2, 2014

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Why do retired guys wait until late afternoon or Saturday morning to get their hair cut, when working guys are trying to squeeze a cut into their day? If you got all day, get out of the way.

Capito is so pro-West Virginia that she wants to remove Obamacare so we can have our previous way of life. She doesn’t get it. Before ACA many couldn’t even get health coverage much less worry about which doctor they would see. She fails to remember that the ACA has helped the elderly with the prescription cost gap, she fails to remember that the unemployed, underemployed and forced early retirees now have insurance when before they did not.

I’m not getting calls on my landline that show up with my own phone number. However, I am getting calls on my cell phone that only show up as four digits. Is anyone else having this problem?

To the person that objected to the high-income families getting free food at school — those families pay taxes and that pays for their families and yours to have free food, so you shouldn’t be objecting for them to have free food that they are actually paying for twice.

To Verizon customers in the Kanawha Valley — you need to look at your bills from last month. They stuck everyone with a 75-cent activation fee for some sort of three-way calling. You can call them and they will take it off.

If there is no official dress code for Kanawha County school employees, then how can a school administrator dictate their own?

Ms. Tennant, you seem to forget the Democrats in Lincoln County who helped you get elected as state treasurer. Don’t brag about sending them to jail because you are a part of the same faction. You sure have lost my vote and others’ votes as well. I’m a true Democrat forever.

It’s really nauseating to me that a reverend and the NAACP have to make a race issue out of something that really isn’t. We keep paying a price for a debt we do not owe and I am so sick of it.

To the caller about smoking who says the only people you hurt are the people who can least afford to pay the taxes — if you don’t want to pay the cigarette tax, then don’t smoke. It’s your choice.

The West Virginia State Police are a bunch of trigger-happy dictators and Governor Tomblin sits back and does nothing.

I get so tired of people making snide comments about Shelley Moore Capito. I consider her a true West Virginia lady and I will certainly be voting for her in the fall.

Who does Uncle Sam yell for most when there’s a big war about to happen? West Virginia.

A vote for Shelley Moore Capito is not a vote for the people of West Virginia. She continues to support the Republican agenda, which is for the rich.

On my bucket list I have a book titled “Silas Marner” by George Eliot. I should have read this in the tenth grade, but I didn’t. It’s one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read.

Let’s all bind together and do something for our schoolchildren. Start schools just a little bit later in the day and I’m sure that it would be a big help now and in their futures.

I can tell you what Capito has done in 14 years. She has cast 40 votes to keep the working poor in West Virginia and elsewhere from having affordable health insurance. Go Natalie.

I would very much like to thank the manager of Kroger in Kanawha City. When I was there a couple weeks ago and locked the keys in my car, I appreciate that he tried his best to get my car open for me. I just wanted to thank him and am thankful to know that there are still good people in this world who are willing to help others.

I’m concerned as to why Saint Francis Hospital has to go all the way to Atlanta, Georgia, for someone to do their billing. Is there not anyone in West Virginia capable of doing it?

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