Rahall has actively supported coal miners


Back in the ’60s my father transferred to the Appalachian coalfields. I was married and raising a family of my own. Visits to West Virginia were often. Presently, two of my sons, with families of their own, frequently vacation the Fayette County area.

Upon retirement, my parents decided to maintain a residence and wished to be buried in the Beckley area.

When my husband and I travel south a visit to the cemetery is often on the agenda. One overnight stay in Marmet or Exit 44 at Beckley is necessary. This past trip we selected Marmet.

A television political advertisement depicting the hard times of a coal miner’s employment was being shown. The wife told of Congressman Rahall being inactive toward stopping President Obama/EPA and allowing the government to “close down the mines.” Her husband had been laid off three times in six years. The demand for coal is based upon the economy. Mining employment has always been unpredictable. Large numbers of younger miners apparently choose non-union employment. Without union representation employment is totally at the will and pleasure of the employer. The Ohio newspapers have articles concerning the coal industry. I have read Congressman Rahall does disagree with the Washington administration. When appropriate and at the proper times, Nick Rahall strongly speaks out to protect the jobs of all the miners. This includes both underground and surface operations. The political propagandized advertisement sounded ludicrous. Congressman Rahall, according to the news here in Ohio, has been very active for many years toward supporting the health, safety and job security of the miners.

Mary and Lloyd Smith

Pataskala, Ohio

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