Corridor H Authority to recognize construction workers

Construction workers working to complete sections of Corridor H will be recognized with a luncheon today.

The Corridor H Authority will host the celebration lunch beginning at noon for workers constructing the latest section of the highway. More than 125 workers are expected to attend the event near the Tucker/Grant County line. The luncheon was scheduled for today to allow workers to have off Labor Day to spend with their families.

The section of road is expected to be complete in 2015. It’s just one phase of the project, which has been under construction for decades and will connect Interstate 79 at Weston to the Virginia border. The highway is 75 percent complete or under construction and that number is expected to grow to 87 percent over the next four years.

The Corridor H Authority would like to see the road complete by 2020, but the federal government may make that difficult. Corridor H is just one of thousands of infrastructure projects nationwide partially funded by the Federal Highway Trust Fund. Earlier this summer, Congressional gridlock almost spelled disaster for the fund, which would have run out of money last month. However, Congress was able to reach a compromise and pass a stopgap measure to extend funds through May. Had the compromise not been reached, projects like Corridor H would have stalled indefinitely until the government could work out a fix, placing thousands of jobs in limbo.

“We’ve made a lot of progress over the past two to three years,” Robbie Morris, executive director of the Corridor H Authority told the Daily Mail in July. “The Corridor H Authority is working with state and federal representatives, Division of Highways and so forth to keep the pressure on so we can keep sections of Corridor H under construction and get it complete prior to 2036, which even that is unacceptable.”

Proponents of Corridor H argue it will bring even more economic development to eastern West Virginia and open up industries in the area to a wider market.

“Our slogan is ‘It’s about jobs and it’s about time’,” Morris said. “We need to get Corridor H complete so not only West Virginia but Virginia and different industries and areas of the state can being reaping the financial benefits from the completion of Corridor H.”

The event will take place on Route 93 approximately 12 miles from Davis, along the right-hand side of the road. For directions, contact Dennis Roth with the Division of Highways at 304-698-6444.

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