Your Vents, Wednesday, Sept. 3

n Congresswoman Capito says we need to grow the economy, create jobs and invest in job training and development, yet she voted in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2014 against legislation that would bolster laws against gender discrimination in workplace pay.

n With many Democrats urging people illegally here in America to vote, no wonder they are against registration. That might make it only Americans voting; gee.

n Where is the liberal progressive outrage about the religious persecution and ethnic cleansing going on in the Middle East? The 21st century is off to a good start to being the bloodiest century in the history of mankind. We need to stop the fringe lunatics who are doing this in the Middle East.

n There have been many comments about Mark Plants and his personal life. Only the individuals involved know the facts in the matter. All else is speculation and gossip.

n Why does the stoplight at the Interstate 64 Teays Valley exit stay red for four minutes and green for only 15 seconds? Traffic backs up on the Interstate and it is very dangerous.

n To the woman at Sam’s Club whose cart was so overloaded with items that she hit me in the back as I was sitting in an electric scooter: I know she could have seen me. You know who you are and where you hurt me. The next time you have so many items, use a flatbed cart.

n Could the W.Va. Legislature pass a law giving police the right to pull cars over for loud music?

n This evening’s news they are talking about doing surveillance of ISIS in Syria. Why do they think they have to tell everything they are doing? Well, I guess President Obama is trying to build up his approval rating.

n If Mark Plants weren’t a Republican he would be a hero.

n Obama said back in January that ISIS was like a junior varsity team, that when they put on an L.A. Laker’s uniform they wouldn’t beat Kobe Bryant. But I hate to tell him that ISIS is more than a JV team. They are murderous terrorists who will do anything they can.

n What was California Gov. Jerry Brown thinking when he had lunch with the president of Mexico knowing full well that Staff Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is being held prisoner In Mexico? The president hasn’t done a damned thing to get him out.

n Have all the lawyers in Charleston lost their minds?

n The first sensible thing I’ve seen in the paper in a month — the mayor calling for an investigation into Margaret Workman’s son. Well, I hope they keep going and give a trial to the boy according to the Sixth Amendment.

n I am not sure why our mayor has any business making any comment about the Workman case and the Aug. 5 incident. Goodbye.

n If I go to the hospital how can I be sure that my nurse is not stoned on drugs?

n The wealthy spend billions of dollars to sway elections, but they raise holy hell when someone mentions raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour. But hey, this is America.

n I admire Danny Jones. He didn’t lie for his son when he was in trouble. He let him pay for his own mistakes. And he went to jail and rehab.

n Joe Manchin saying the new hydrocodone laws will save “hundreds of thousands of lives immediately” shows that Joe doesn’t know how to count; such a stupid, exaggerated claim.

n If you are the wife of a prosecutor or a son of a chief justice you can get your charges dismissed. It isn’t fair, is it?

n If you voted for Capito don’t complain about not feeling safe. She and her Republican Party, liked by the NRA, want a gun in every hand. This was not Obama’s idea.

n Coal is not your friend. It has destroyed our mountains, spoiled our water and poisoned our people. And all of the real money went out of state.

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