Storms leave thousands without power in West Virginia

By Staff reports

Heavy rainfall Tuesday afternoon and evening led to widespread nuisance flooding around West Virginia, but left relatively few people without electricity.

About 1,900 customers remained without power Wednesday afternoon, down from about 3,000 customers were without electricity when the day started. Appalachian Power, which serves much of the southern part of the state, reported about 2,550 customers without power this morning. Logan County was hardest hit, with about 1,600 customers without electricity.

About 765 customers in Wayne County and about 170 in Fayette County remained without power this morning.

FirstEnergy, which supplies electricity to much of the northern part of the state, reported fewer than 500 customers without electricity this morning. Most of the outages were limited to just a few households.

By early Wednesday afternoon, Apco repair crews had restored power to Fayette County, but about 830 customers remained without electricity in Logan County and about 500 still had no power in Wayne County. Another 350 customers lost electricity in Boone County.

FirstEnergy outages were down to about 200 customers by Wednesday afternoon.

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