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Readers Voice: Sept. 3, 2014

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Can anyone believe David McKinley would go to a public discussion and state that climate change is not happening? This is the guy who said coal ash will not hurt you. He didn’t believe or read the study that said people get cancer and die sooner if you live near a coal ash plant. People dying are of no concern to him. This man should never be elected. His soul has been sold to coal operators.

Before we all get too excited about the possible completion of the four lanes on Route 35, consider that the speeds of these truckers is not being controlled on the two-lane road, so why should we think four lanes will be safer?

A message from an older American to the dying children of Palestine: I cannot apologize enough for the damage my country has done to your lives and your country by our blind support for Israel.

So Republicans, including Capito, want to slash Medicare and Medicaid while handing out $5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy. Brilliant!

Looks like the UMW didn’t learn anything from their endorsement of Obama since they now endorse one of his biggest supporters.

Can’t attend any activity in South Charleston without seeing Doug Skaff as a sponsor or a donor. I’ve known the family for years but I don’t appreciate somebody trying to buy votes.

Obama will bomb the ISIS because they pose a threat to American’s in Iraq, but Obama will not enforce our borders from millions of illegal aliens, but will grant them amnesty to allow them to collect unemployment, food stamps, free health care, free educations and etc., and we, the working taxpayers, will be required to pay for Obama’s illegal actions. Where are our congressional representatives?

We had the incident that the Elkview bus garage and now it’s at Riverside High School. The school board seems to believe that they have “investigated these incidents” thoroughly. Methinks they should look at all the schools and facilities under their watch just to see what other mischief is happening that they don’t know about. Why do I regularly see maintenance vehicles on roads and in areas where there are no public school facilities?

To the reader that said Republicans want to create jobs, putting more people back to work and others into higher-paying positions. The only people that the last Republican administration put to work were soldiers that were sent to fight two needless wars. The higher-paying positions must be the bailouts given to Wall Street that nearly bankrupted the country.

The people claiming the GOP is anti- women when it comes to wages need to research what their party pays its staff. You might be in for a surprise.

So, the Chamber of Commerce thinks there will be a “tidal wave” of gas drilling in West Virginia. Does it follow that we can expect a “tidal wave” of gas severance tax or similar revenues to the state? Or will our legislators be asleep and let the out-of-state entities rob us blind, again? Other states are reaping the benefits of gas drilling while we have no money to fix roads they have damaged, continue to pay teachers and other state employees a pittance and see the high-paying jobs go to out-of-state workers.

What is going on in Marmet where a lynch mob mentality is trying to prevent the mayor from doing his job?

I wish West Virginia had a true Democrat running for the Senate, one who understood that coal is a thing of the past and that our president had nothing to do with West Virginia coal miners being out of work. The market is gone and natural gas is here to stay.

The airport’s solar panel plan would require 34 years to break even on the cost of the panels. What is the lifespan of the panels? Solar is not an economical method of producing large amounts of electricity. Why doesn’t the airport just install a nuclear reactor or build the lake at Coonskin and install a hydropower plant? Coal is still the least expensive way to produce electricity in West Virginia.

Have WV voters forgotten that Shutdown (the government) Shelley Capito cost the taxpayers billions of dollars, and an estimated 1,000,000 jobs? Is this the kind of person to send to the Senate?

It is no laughing matter that people and their children live in poverty. West Virginia ranks at or near the bottom of all economic indicators. It is time for the state Legislature to be changed to Republican control. Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity.

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