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Readers’ Voice: Sept. 5, 2014

Alex Mooney, bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. He hasn’t seen a benefit that he wouldn’t love to cut. Better watch out for that guy.

Give us a break about the Margaret Workman deal. Next in line, instead of Mingo County, they’ll be investigating Kanawha County, the federal people, will and maybe that’s what it needs.

The Republicans in Congress are shaking in their boots over a rebel group in Iraq. Russians and the Chinese must be laughing up a storm.

This evening’s news they’re talking about surveillance of ISIS in Syria. Why do they think they have to tell everything they’re doing? Well, I guess President Obama is trying to build up his approval rating.

I can say that Natalie Tenant was at all the coal miners’ rallies when we were fighting for our health care. Shelley Moore Capito, the only thing she does is vote down everything that comes down for West Virginia.

If I go to the hospital, how can I be sure that my nurse is not stoned on drugs? We pay a price in many ways of our nation’s moral decay.

If Shelley Moore Capito doesn’t believe in equal pay for women, then she should be paid less. If she doesn’t think women are worth it, then she ought to put her money where her mouth is.

I would like the city of St. Albans to publish how many percent the council meetings that Rod Keifer has missed. I’d really like to know that number.

We’ve been made aware of the possible fraud or abuse during the final months the state Agriculture Commissioner Gus Douglas. Now what are we going to do about it?

I’m a friend of coal. I have black lung, I’m laid off, I have no insurance or pension. My children are sick and mudslides have ruined my home. Coal is my friend.

This a message to the church. The anti-Christ is coming first, then Jesus is coming. Don’t be fooled.

Is the medical school who accepted Edward Gardner hopefully having second thoughts?

The rally at Shelley Moore Capito’s Kanawha City office was certainly justified. She has always been against equal pay for equal work and minimum wage. My question is, what has she ever been for that would help the middle class? Natalie Tennant cares about our people and votes accordingly.

Republicans are criticizing President Obama for not taking stronger action in Iraq and Syria. At they same time they’re warning him not to take action without congressional approval and Congress is not going to. What’s he supposed to do?

Just wondering if West Virginia American Water is going to wait until they’re sued again because they won’t take care of the nasty water on Home Hollow Road. We have called and called and they do nothing on this dead-end line.

Our globe-trotting president is off on another junket to keep from addressing the many ills of his presidency. Illegal immigrants are reaping the benefits that hard working Americans have worked for, and our leaders have not even addressed this situation. A high price will be paid for this administration’s failures.

All the smokers polluting the air, and littering the grounds, doorways, and walkways around Charleston General Hospital with cigarette butts, give a new meaning to smoke out.

Coal is not dead. It will be decades before a more reliable energy source can replace coal. Depending on coal and oil imports only makes our country weaker, and that’s what Obama and his followers want.

Sen. Erik Wells always fights hard to keep teachers pay down. Why are the teachers’ unions supporting his wife, Natalie Tennant?

Frightening article in Sunday’s Gazette, about Capito’s close relationship to New York banks and her successful undermining of consumer protections. Out of 435 members of the House, she collected the third-most campaign money from the big banks, and one hired her husband as an executive two weeks after her vote to delay swipe fees. How is this even legal?

One of Shelley Capito’s idiotic commercials says “This administration has put a damper on our way of life and our love of freedom”. I contend that only Shelley Capito can put a damper on her love of freedom. And, Shelley, the GOP has decided that attacking successful Obamacare is a “no win.” Didn’t you get the message in the latest GOP talking points memo?

Consumer Reports says that the EPA clean power plan would prevent 6,600 premature deaths nationwide, 150,000 asthma attacks in children, and have a total health benefit of $93 billion by 2030. Now weigh that against coal company greed, a few thousand coal mine jobs, and the idiotic “war on coal” of pandering politicians and decide which way the country should go.

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