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Readers’ Voice: Sept. 4, 2014

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Republicans tell us how they hate frivolous lawsuits. Who sues more than they do? No one.

Regarding all of these comments about Mark Plants and his personal life — only the individuals involved know the facts. All else is speculation and gossip.

If kids need eight to nine hours of sleep, try going to bed earlier, not moving school hours later. In the real world work hours are not changed to accommodate personal preferences. Try telling the military to start their training hours later and see how that works.

We need Shelley Moore Capito in the Senate so we can finally get rid of Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare.

To the person who commented on the price of beans at the farmer’s market — maybe you should try to raise your own beans. Leave the American farmer alone.

Why did Kanawha County take teachers out of the classroom for four days in a row near the third week of school? My children have substitutes for four days in a row. One of my children only has two classes out of six that have no substitutes. They could have planned better.

When the miners gave up their unions they lost their jobs. How ignorant can they be?

Would it help if we all call the companies and tell them to forget our phones — just discontinue them? These calls coming in about credit cards are every day. Every day we put up with these calls and it shouldn’t happen.

My husband and I have Obamacare insurance, which is almost $50 per month because we are low-income. We have an $8,000 deductible. I don’t call that insurance. The insurance company is just collecting $50 for nothing because we can’t use the insurance.

When we are so good to help organizations — especially breast cancer — why do we get those calls on Saturday and Sunday? I don’t like these weekend calls when we’re having dinner.

In regards to the Suzette Raines fiasco — it’s her fault that they don’t have a replacement. She should have withdrawn months ago if she knew she wouldn’t run. The Republican Party should have done something a long time ago.

People need to start using their turn signals and stay out of the fast line when they’re going 35 miles per hour. Slow vehicles — get in the right lane. Some of you need to go back to driving school.

I’m a 45 year-old man who has worked since he was 12 years old. I got Obamacare at the beginning of this month to help with my lung disease. If my laziness is costing you more insurance money, then I’m sorry I was so rude. If I need to pay you back, please let me know where to send the money.

This is to the person complaining about gas prices under Obama: When George W. Bush took office, the average gasoline price in the US was $1.70 per gallon. When he left in 2008 with the economy in shambles, the average price of gas was $3.01.

Shelley Capito said she would stand on her record, but the reason she is harping on the EPA and Obama is she does not want anyone to bring her record up, because for the people of West Virginia it is atrocious. For 14 years she has voted not to help the country but to help the radicals in her party.

Let me get this straight. Freedom Industries can have a volunteer cleanup with looser regulations from the WV DEP. Am I the only one that sees maybe something wrong with this deal? You just can’t make this stuff up.

Dollar Danny must have gotten told to mind his business when it comes to Workman’s children.

It is ridiculous that after only three weeks of school that social media has so many posts by school personnel are taking vacation and personal days. It is no wonder as to why our students are always below the bar — education requires consistency and this cannot be achieved with so many missed days.

To the person that left the 8-foot rope floating by the dock with a large throw net stuck on the bottom of the river at Daniel Boone, shame on you. It took three people pulling to get it close enough to cut at the end of the rope since the net wasn’t coming at all. It would have damaged someone’s boat had I not seen it floating.

Small farm businesses in West Virginia are no different than big agricultural corporations. Take away the grants and subsidies and they wouldn’t be sustainable.

It starts up every year around this time. The business section of the Gazette publishes long lists of local attorneys who have been named “Best Lawyers in America” by some publication. How could there possibly be this many “bests”? Is this the legal profession’s equivalent of every kid gets a trophy?

Here we go again, hubris and prevarications from the Republican Party. Distracting America away from what they are not doing and away from what needs to be done. Talk of impeachment, talk of a war that will enrich friends, charter schools to tear down our education system and enrich friends. Here we go!

Worthless incumbents, look out. The voting public is on to you. From the utterings of a president who is in over his head (and has been) to the do-nothing partisan Congress, your days are numbered. The only sad part of your leaving is that you will be paid too much in your retirement. Paid for by the very taxpayers you have failed to serve. You have been a disgrace to hard working, loyal flag-waving Americans.

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