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Top five fall fashion grabs

By By Aaliyah Jones
Riverside High School
LAUREN CAMPBELL/George Washington High School.
Scarves are in this fall, as demonstrated by South Charleston Middle School seventh grader Abby Woodyard. She adds color to her white sweater with a pastel scarf and colored jeans, all from Gap.

With fall here, many stores now have deals on all the new essentials you’ll need for the season. This year, the emphasis is on crazy patterns and edgy street styles.

If you want just a few quick grabs to get the season started, here are the top five essentials you need. Take a trip to Charleston Town Center to get the fall’s number one styles.

1. Jumpsuits/rompers

These are the most amazing grab-and-go outfits because they make you look like you are ready for the runway with a minimal amount of work. These essentials have been a hot seller for the summer and are rolling into fall as well. From plain black or white to unique patterns for all sizes, these are perfection.

2. Graphic tees

Graphic tees are all the rage right now. Every store has them adorned with everything from famous quotes and mottoes to fun pictures like cute kittens shooting laser beams from their eyes. These tees are perfect to throw on with your favorite pair of blue jeans. All your graphic tee needs can be met at stores like Delia’s, Charlotte Russe and Zumiez.

3. Scarves

This basic essential will turn any boring outfit from drab to fab. Normally, scarves are used to keep your neck warm from that cold breeze. However, since fashion is always creating new trends, scarves have become all the rage. Now they come in various prints, patterns and bright colors. So, if you want to spice up an old tee, add a neon pink zebra print scarf. Grab one today at Charlotte Russe, Macy’s or Aeropostale.

4. Bomber and leather jackets

This trend is sure to bring some flavor to your closet. Simply pair the jacket with your shirt and not only will you stay warm, but you will add some bold street style to your look. This easy addition gives you an edgy look easily seen by anyone taking a quick glimpse at your daily fashion. Find one at stores like Aeropostale, Express or any department store.

5. Shoes

You can’t talk fashion without talking about shoes. This season, you need to grab some comfy, stylish kicks. Converse are making an insane comeback for both boys and girls. These are perfect to get in black or white to pair with any lazy day outfit or just to simply look adorable and retro. Also, don’t forget your simple-cut combat boots in basic brown and black to keep up the edgy glam look you’ll have this semester.

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