Five alternatives to average school lunches

By By Lindsay Jones
Hurricane High School
Courtesy photo Ants on a log are a fun, healthy treat to take in your school lunch.

Now that school has started, we can all go back to enjoying our favorite things about school, such as seeing our friends every day or going to sporting events. But there is one thing that almost every student hates: school lunch. Though sometimes just mediocre, school lunches are pretty disgusting if you ask me. That is why I, like many other kids, bring my lunch to school.

However, bringing your lunch to school can be pretty boring if you just bring the same sandwich and chips every day. That’s why I am going to share with you a few easy and different lunches to take to school. Hopefully, they will keep you full and focused for the rest of your school day.

1. Pasta salad

Pasta salad is easy to make and can be kept cold in your lunchbox. All you need to do is boil some pasta, let it cool and add any veggies and dressings you want. My favorite kind of pasta salad is Greek pasta salad. You start with any type of pasta, then add tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, feta cheese and Greek dressing. It is so easy and delicious.

2. Caesar salad wrap

Eating sandwiches every day is boring, so make a wrap instead. Start with a wheat tortilla, and spread some Caesar salad dressing on it. Then, add chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese and anything else you want. Roll it up, and slice it in half. This will easily fit in any lunchbox, and it will keep you full throughout the day.

3. Parfait

Parfaits are easy to pack for school. All you need is a tall cup with a lid and a spoon. First, add any type of yogurt or Greek yogurt you prefer. Next, add lots of fruits (my favorites are strawberries and blueberries), making sure this is the majority of the parfait. Finally, add a little bit of granola for some crunch. This lunch will add a bit of sweetness to your school day while still being healthy.

4. Leftovers

I know this may seem weird, but I always like to bring leftovers to school. Whatever we have for dinner the night before, I just put in a container in my lunchbox. Many teachers have microwaves in their rooms, so you could probably heat your lunch up in one of them. This is a super easy way to have a nice meal for lunch.

5. Ants on a log

This was my favorite snack when I was little, and I still love to eat it for lunch. You start with celery (aka the log), then add peanut butter or cream cheese. Put raisins or dried cranberries (“ants”) on the top to add sweetness to the dish. This is such a simple way to have a healthy lunch, and it will also keep you energized for the rest of the day.

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