Pipeline would not serve interests of state

Pipeline would not serve interests of state


I am deeply opposed to the construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline in West Virginia because I cannot see any way in which it serves the interests of the general public — no matter what huge profits it provides corporate stockholders.

As one of five proposed pipelines carving up the state of West Virginia, the MVP will speed up the depletion of the state’s Marcellus reserves, thereby contributing to a socially and economically disastrous cycle of boom and bust. West Virginia’s staggering economy and disrupted communities are moving testimony to the stupidity of over a century of such economic exploitation.

The public interest lies in predictable economic stability, including the lowest energy prices over the longest period of time possible. Only in such conditions can responsible business planners develop commitments to long-term growth and a healthy prosperity for West Virginians.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission should consider approving a proposed project only if EQT, its partners, and competitors can develop alternate proposals that maximize such stability while minimizing further environmental and social damage to the state of West Virginia.

However, I fear that such a proposal would not appear profitable enough to satisfy corporate greed — no matter how well it served the public interest.

Ty Bouldin

Pence Springs

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