Concealed guns bill is a threat to safety

Concealed guns bill is a threat to safety


Our Legislature passed SB 347, a bill which would have allowed 18-year-olds to carry concealed handguns with no permit or training. This bill was opposed by the West Virginia Sheriffs Association. I agree that this bill could be a threat to officers lives and public safety in general.

This is not about being anti-gun. I myself have a concealed carry permit and support the Second Amendment. When you start talking about 18-year-olds and concealed handguns, it begs a question. What could possibly go wrong?

I believe the current system works well and we just don’t need this bill, at least not in this form. If the Legislature wants to legalize concealed carry with no permit then at least raise the age to 21. That’s just common sense.

I believe the passage of this bill by the State Senate on a nearly unanimous vote, 32 to 2, raises the need for “we the people” to ask a few more questions. How could the concerns of the Sheriff’s Association be so completely ignored? They represent the brave officers who risk their lives to protect all of us. Are our gun rights, under the current system, really being infringed upon? Do 18-year-olds really need to carry concealed handguns with no training? Do they really?

Martin Hicks


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