South Charleston location also offers TSA PreCheck enrollment

By Staff reports

While the Transportation Security administration will host a temporary enrollment center for its PreCheck expedited screening program Nov. 9-13 at Yeager Airport, similar service is available year-round, Mondays through Fridays, at the TSA’s PreCheck Enrollment Center at the IdentoGo Center at 38 Riverwalk Mall in South Charleston.

The TSA’s PreCheck program allows qualified travelers to leave on their shoes, belts and light outerwear and keep laptops in their cases as they pass through TSA security checkpoints at airports across the nation. Successful applicants will receive a TSA “Known Traveler Number,” or KTN, which should be entered when booking flight reservations, either online, by phone to an airline reservation center, or with travel agents.

The program is open to U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents. TSA charges a nonrefundable $85 application fee, covering five years of expedited check-in service. The fee can be paid at the time of application by credit card, money order, company check or certified check. Cash or personal checks will not be accepted.

Citizens born in the U.S. should bring either a passport, enhanced driver’s license, birth certificate with an official seal or a certified copy of a birth certificate to both the Yeager Airport and the IdentoGo Center’s TSA PreCheck Enrollment Centers. Fingerprints will be taken. Persons who have been convicted of certain criminal offenses may not be eligible to apply.

Several credit card companies offer their customers application fee reimbursement for paying PreCheck fees on their cards.

To pre-enroll and schedule an appointment for application processing at either the Riverwalk Plaza or Yeager Airport PreCheck Enrollment Centers, go to Walk-in applicants are also welcome at both sites.

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