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Letter: WV Senate bills trample on property rights (Gazette)

Senate bills trample on property rights


Money talks in this state, and special interests have a lot of it. Two Senate bills are perfect examples of special interests trampling all over individual property rights. SB 244 and SB 245 have been introduced by Sens. Carmichael and Blair.

SB 245 allows oil and gas companies to enter private property to survey. The land owner has 15 days to object to this intrusion, otherwise the company can enter your land and is immune from trespass laws. In other words, they have the right to come onto your property unless you tell them to stay off!

SB 244 is forced pooling, which means that a mineral-rights owner can be forced to lease their mineral rights to a tract of land if a simple majority of other mineral-rights owners agree. Again, the rights of the individual are being sacrificed for the benefit of special interests.

Please call or email the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them to vote “NO” on these two bills. Of those Republican senators who support these bills, tell them that the voters now know “Don’t Tread on Me” doesn’t apply to special interests.

Melissa Giggenbach


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