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Letter: Fracking study needs more time (Daily Mail)

Since the gas wells in the three-year Duke University fracking study cited in the May 2 Daily Mail editorial “Gas well fracking not hurting groundwater” were sampled before and after gas wells were installed. The wells were obviously new.

Even with the most conscientiously installed gas wells, problems arise in a substantial percentage of wells, as well seals deteriorate.

Avner Vengosh stated of the study, “What we found in the study area in West Virginia after three years may be different from what we see after 10 years, because the impact on groundwater isn’t necessarily immediate.”

Vengosh is the author of a second North Dakota study that found widespread soil and water contamination from fracking.

A deeper look at the facts on fracking show the Daily Mail needlessly insults its readership by referring to rational disenchantment with fracking as “hysteria.”

Regan Quinn


Fracking study needs more time

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