Bologna sandwich recipes pouring in

Suzanne McMinn
Fried bologna sandwich recipes were definitely on the mind of Food Guy readers.
  • You guys are full of bologna! When I asked for help rustling up a few recipes for a reader in need, I had no idea you would have so much to say. Last week, St. Albans reader David Esque told me he was on a quest to find the "world's best" hot bologna sandwich.He had heard that "Mom" Smiley used to make a good one back in the late '50s and early '60s at Smiley's Restaurant in St. Albans and, more recently, that Andy's in Institute had a nice one. He wondered if readers might have those recipes or any others worth trying.David, did they ever. Keep reading ...

    ***"In response to your appeal for a hot bologna sauce, attached is the recipe from Ross' Pool Room in Dunbar," said Dr. Dave Santrock. "Ross' was located on Dunbar Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets in the '40s and '50s. I am not sure when it closed."I do remember the Smiley's in St. Albans and believe it surpassed Ross', but I have no clue as to the recipe."

    ***"I grew up in Buffalo in Putnam County and there used to be a restaurant here back in the '60 and '70s that a woman named Geraldine Johns ran," said Leah Higginbotham. "The restaurant is no longer here, but she now works at the Buffalo Diner."She was known for her hot bologna sandwiches. She is in her 80s now but continues to work the early shift at the Diner. I don't think bologna sandwiches are on the menu, but I'm sure she could still whip one up."

    ***"The hot bologna sandwich is just one of those foods: the simpler, the better," wrote Kasey Warner. "I have truly eaten 100 variations and always come back to the simplest ..."Fry the bologna (at least half-inch thick) with a few cuts on the edges to prevent the meat from curling up, about a minute per side on medium heat. Slather the bologna with plain yellow mustard, put it between slices of simple white bread and fry both sides 'til golden brown - like a grilled cheese sandwich, another simple original."It is THAT simple. It is the best recipe, and it shouldn't be messed with."Granted, he said, you can add stuff you like. He occasionally adds mayonnaise, a favorite BBQ sauce, some sliced jalapenos, dill pickles or cheese. "But nothing beats simple mustard on fried bologna between white bread and grilled."

    ***The State Journal's Ann Ali swears by one from Tricky Fish.

    "Are you still looking for hot bologna candidates?" she Tweeted. "Tricky Fish has one of my faves. It's thick-cut with great melted cheese, buttery toasted bread and a spicy sauce. YUM!"

    ***Reader Patricia Maynard got straight to the point."Buy one slice of beef bologna sliced on No. 8 (yes, I said 8) and cut slits on four sides. Heat skillet up and add about a tablespoon of bacon grease, more if you like, and fry bologna until lightly brown. Turn and fry other side until lightly brown, then keep turning until it's almost burnt."Serve with grilled onions and mustard," she said. "The best!!! Yum. Enjoy!"

    For those in the dark, deli meat is usually sliced on a thickness scale from 1 to 10, so 8 is pretty substantial.

    ***"I used to work at a local restaurant called Bowincals," said John Crouch. "We had the best hot bologna around. Just ask (Daily Mail Sports Editor) Chuck McGill. The sauce had three ingredients: ketchup, brown sugar and chili powder. Very simple and very delicious."

    He said you take about two cups of ketchup and start with two tablespoons of chili powder and one-third cup of brown sugar. After that, you can add more chili powder or brown sugar to taste, or make it sweet and spicy or just hot.

    ***"I remember growing up in Montgomery during the '50s and '60s and my mother made the best hot bologna sandwich I ever had," wrote Richard Divita of Scott Depot. "As a kid, it didn't take a lot to satisfy us. This hot bologna sandwich was pretty simple to prepare back then, so here we go ..."One slice bologna from rolled bologna about one-fourth to one-half inch thick. The bologna was nicked on three equal edges, just to keep it from curling up as she cooked it."She would cook it in an iron skillet until it was burned a little on both sides, and then she would put about one-fourth cup of ketchup in the skillet and turn the bologna over a couple of times until coated thoroughly. Serve it on a toasted hamburger bun. Pretty simple but always a great sandwich," he said."I still from time to time make this sandwich, but I also make an updated version. I will use a good quality barbeque sauce and cayenne pepper to taste, topped off with a heaping spoonful of caramelized onions. I hope you try them and enjoy them."Oh, you know I will.

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    • 18 oz. barbecue sauce
    • 9 oz. prepared mustard
    • 12 oz. chili sauce
    • 1 cup granulated sugar
    • 1 3-oz. bottle Texas Pete Hot Sauce
    1. Stir all ingredients together in a bowl until well blended. Season to taste.
    2. Brush sauce on bologna or add to skillet while frying.  
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