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American Party of America presidential candidate visits Charleston

By Staff reports
SAM OWENS | Gazette-Mail
Dennis Andrew Ball of the American Party of America.

Presidential candidate Dennis Ball stopped in Charleston Monday in an effort to gain enough signatures to get his party on the ballot.

Ball, a resident of Marion, Illinois, is the chairman of the American Party of America, which he formed in 1995.

Ball, who claims to be a direct relative of George Washington himself, thinks America needs to stop surviving and start thriving. Ball identifies himself as a radical centrist, and believes America needs to regain control of borders and issue green cards to illegal aliens currently living in the United States.

Ball also believes NATO needs to declare war on ISIS, bring Bibles back into schools and courts and make abortions illegal.

“I think that women who choose to have an abortion have failed to recognize a child’s right to life,” Ball said.

However, he supports the death penalty and believes the judicial system needs reform. He thinks the judicial system isn’t fair to wealthy elderly people and gave the example of widowed elderly women who inherited money from their spouse being incarcerated in nursing homes.

“Nobody’s done anything wrong except being old and having a lot of money,” Ball said.

The American Party of America will hold its convention in June in St. Louis.

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