United Way needs your help

United Way of Central West Virginia desperately needs your help!

A community is only as strong as the people who nurture it. We know that you care about the well-being and strength of the place we call home, so we are turning to you for help. The United Way campaign ends on March 31, 2017 and we are $300,000 short of meeting our target campaign goal and allocation commitment to funded agencies. Falling short of this target will weaken program funding and reduce the amount of support for those in need.

Following are funded agencies of United Way of Central West Virginia These agencies rely on funds provided through the United Way to serve the community needs and are projected to help nearly 60,000 people this year. These agencies rely on funding to provide services to this community year round.

Funded agencies

n The American Red Cross of Southwest West Virginia

n Catholic Charities — Boone County

n Children’s Therapy Clinic

n Daymark

n Heart & Hand — Kanawha County

n Heart & Hand — Putnam County

n Kanawha County Schools Shoe Fund

n Kanawha Dental Health Council

n Kanawha Valley Fellowship Home

n Madison Baptist Church Food Pantry

n Mountain Mission

n PRIDE Community Services

n Putnam County Dental Health Council

n Roark-Sullivan Lifeway Center

n TEAM for WV Children-Western Regional CASA

n The Counseling Connection

n The Salvation Army

n Tyler Mountain/Cross Lanes Community Services

n West Virginia Health Right

n YWCA Charleston

n Kanawha Pastoral Counseling Center

n Rea of Hope Fellowship Home

n Recovery Point of Charleston

Partner agencies

n Alzheimer’s Associations, WV Chapter

n Boone County Community Organization

n Goodwill Industries of Kanawha Valley

n Kanawha HospiceCare

n LEAD Community Organization

n Legal Aid of West Virginia

n Literacy Volunteers of Putnam County

n Nitro Food Pantry & Assistance Program

n U.S.O. World Headquarters

Sponsored initiatives

n Adolescent Health Initiative

n AmeriCorps *VISTA

n Foster Grandparent Program

n LifeBridge AmeriCorps

n RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

n Information and Referral

Have you ever received services from one of these agencies? Do you know someone who has received services from one of these agencies? Chances are you answered “yes” to one of these questions.

Whether the decrease in donations this year is the result of the downturn of the coal and natural gas industries or the impact of the June 23rd flood...we still need to make sure that needs continue to be met.

Have you made a donation yet? Any amount will make a difference. If 3,000 people and/or businesses would donate $100 each, we would reach our goal and funding to these agencies would not be in jeopardy.

Make a donation to the United Way today by visiting our website, www.unitedwaycwv.org or sending a check to United Way of Central West Virginia, One United Way Square, Charleston, WV 25301.

We also invite you to visit our Facebook page to get up-to-date information on activities happening at your local United Way. Employers who would like to schedule a campaign or meeting to learn more about the benefit of giving through United Way, call Janice today at 304-340-3544 or email her at jsaar@unitedwaycwv.org. Together, We Can Picture A Better Tomorrow!

▪ ▪ ▪

Alexis de Tocqueville Society, with a gift of at least $50,000: Daywood Foundation, Jacobson Foundation.

Alexis de Tocqueville Society, with a gift of at least $25,000: *Gaines Wehrle.

Alexis de Tocqueville Society, with a gift of at least $10,000: Marty and Kathy Becker, William Maxwell Davis, Dwight A. Foley, Pat and Jessica Graney, Holmes and Antoinette Morrison, Marshall T. Reynolds, Betty Schoenbaum, David and Sandra Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. L. Newton Thomas Jr., *D. Stephen and Diane H. Walker, Henry and Sharon Wehrle, John and Fonda Elliot, Sharon and Bill Flanery, Herk and Sherry Sims, Cora Sue Parsons — in memory of Alex Parsons, John and Jane Ray, H.B. Wehrle Foundation, Michael H. Wehrle, H.B. and Cecilia H. Wehrle, *Raye and Paul White.

Ambassadors, with a gift of at least $7,500: Michael and Denise John, *JoEllen Diehl Yeary.

Governors, with a gift of at least $5,000: *Mr. and Mrs. K. Richard C. Sinclair, *Jay and Simone Thomas, John M. and Victoria W. Ballengee, *Jeffrey LaFleur, Charles R. Patton, Philip A. Wright, *John and LuAnn Adams, Frank and Camilla Baer III, Dr. John T. Chambers. SLW Foundation, *Lee and Donna Edmondson, *Frank and Susan Murray, Herscher Foundation, *Sean and Dawn Devlin, one anonymous donor.

Chief Justices, with a gift of at least $3,600: *LCM and DCM, Skip and Samantha Hageboeck, *Tim and Cheryl Quinlan, *Tim and Anne Miller, *Nancy and Jeff Schweer.

Justices, with a gift of at least $2,400: Ted and Calvert Armbrecht, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldsmith, *William B. Maxwell, Rob and Jackie Berthold, Judge and Mrs. John T. Copenhaver Jr., Charles and Mary Ellen Jones, *John Eubanks, Kathy Beckett and David Flannery, *Elizabeth and Christopher Power, *Steve and Anne Roberts, David and Lisa Sayre, *Craig and Kim Stilwell, Sally and Don Richardson, *Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Basile, Gray and Karen Cochran, Horace and Sally Emery, *Joshua Jarrell, Don R. and Sheryl Sensabaugh, *Amy and Steve Condaras, *Jason and Emily Jeffrey, *Andy and Hope Altman, Dr. Thomas McIlwain.

Senate Presidents, with a gift of at least $1,800: Arthur and Nancy Altman, Mrs. Marion H. Baer, *Rebecca Betts, *Robert P. and Phyllis K. Howell, *John and Pam Kuyk, Callen McJunkin, Susan B. Orders, *Bill and Judy Pugh, Dr. Daniel and Linda Taylor, *Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Teeter, Warren S. Woomer, *Cindy and Bob Crossan, *Drs. Ganpat and Chandrani Thakker, Gretchen Callas and Doug Baker, *Bryan and Cindi Cokeley, John and Connie DeRito, *Anne and Jack Dever, Robert G. and Lenore R. Tweel, Rick Lehman, Brett Morgan, *Tim and Chris Gibbons, Michael and Margaret Graney, Thomas V. and Paula W. Flaherty, Nancy and George Guthrie, Mark A.T. Williams, Chris Reger, Judith Watkins, Jerry and Amanda Ware, *Mark A. Chandler, Roy Sexton, *Michael and Donna Jarrell, *Guy S. Johnston, *Albert Liu, *J.L. Swecker, one anonymous donor.

Senators, with a gift of at least $1,300: Mr. and Mrs. Otto Drescher, *Dan and Jeri Matheney, Joe and Cathy Rice, *Mr. and Mrs. John Ziebold, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Payne, Dr. and Mrs. James T. Smith, Senator Shelley Moore and Charles Capito, *Mike and Lisa Holtsclaw, *John and Janice Saar, , *Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bumgarner, Mark Dempsey, Samme L. Gee, *Ray and Conni Lewis, *Jill McIntyre, *Kevin D. Roy and Family, *Matthew and Elizabeth (Sweet) Barnes, *Danny Forinash and Michelle Wittekind, Karrie Mattox, *John B. and Kathleen D. Merrill, *Michael and Katheryn Cadle, Anne Ten Eyck Carroll, *Michael S. Walker, *Chris and Christina Brumley, * Nicolas and Layne Diehl, J. Tyler and Mimi Dinsmore, *Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fenton, Jay and Becky Goldman, David and Rebecca Shuman, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kleeman, *Ralph LaDow and Liz LaDow, *Timothy Byrd, Ralph E. Ewing, *Betsy and Jim Crockett, Dana and Kathy Buckley, *David and Tami Romanko, one anonymous donor.

Speakers of the House, with a gift of at least $1,000: Elizabeth Early Chilton, Fred and Teresa Dillon, Dr. and Mrs. Sami M. Ghareeb, *Ronald and Danna Grant, Jamal and Qamar Khan, *Tom Lane, Dr. Francis Saldanha, Ujjal and Sukhbinder Sandhu, Gary and Kathi Swingle, *Bob and Ruth Tinney, *Lisa and Chris Turley, *Chuck Wirts, David Yaussy, *Lisa Hudnall, *Allan and Debbie McVey, *Mary Ellen and Harry Moore, *Ike and Stuart Smith, Uma and Palle Reddy, James Ball, Andrew Barham, Madan and Anand Bhasin, *Ellen Cappellanti and Mark Carbone, Scott Chambers, *Robert Dawson, *Steven Ferguson, Paul and Susie Konstanty, Britt and Judy McJunkin, Charles Boggs, *John David Gocke, Victor and Ellen Kay Bastron, Mrs. Frederica M. Davis, Sally and Charlie Love, *James O. McEachern, *Donn Neurman, *Charles M. Pleska, Larry Roller, Rebecca and Tom Tinder, Michael Wolfe, Michael and Linda Bonasso, *Will Hanna and Luci Wellborn, *Todd Hooker, Edward C. and Julie S. Martin, John D. and Ellen Maxwell-Hoffman, Frances M. Rollins, Blair and Sandy Thrush, Jeffrey and Janet I. Wakefield, Jerome H. Wall, Cheri and Richard Bever, *Chad and Holly DiCocco, *Michael and Nicole Fleming, *Joshua C. Summerfield, Joe Harmon, *Amy and David Shapiro, *Nancy Morris and Frank Hosimer, Mike and Molly Greene, *Jon W. Putnam, *Kathryn and Tim Simmons, Rick Thomas, Michael D. and Brenda R. Williams, *Leslie R. Wright, three anonymous donors.

Delegates, with a gift of at least $700: , Kathryn Burgess, *Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Carper, Thomas Heywood and Melody Simpson, *Pam and David McFarland, Harry and Rhonda Mitchell, *Everett and Cindy Sparr, *Brett K. Staples, Mike and Nancy Chaney, *Reba Crossen, Marty and Kim Good, *Mendi Harkins, Dr. Tony Majestro, Andrew J. Paterno, Richard Baier (In memory of my wife, Betty Daws Baier), *Jim and Ann Nelson, Robby J. Aliff, Jon L. Anderson, *Alan Bragg, Christina Brumley, Christopher Callas and Elizabeth Amandus, Michael and Elizabeth Cimino, Tim Cowan, Brad and Sally Crouser, William F. Dobbs Jr., Charles and Deborah Dunbar, Elizabeth B. Elmore, Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Emch, Michael M. Fisher, Michael and Kimberly Foster, Jim Garvin and Anita Casey, M. Shane Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Huffman, Thomas and Julia Hurney, *Robert W. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Loeb Jr, Beth and Jim Lord, Erin Magee, Christopher S. Martin, Bob McLusky and Debbie Sink, *Rob and Vanessa Nunley, Melissa M. Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Sebok, *William C. Smith, Art and Janice Standish, Brian R. Swiger, Michael B. and Janet H. Victorson, Rusty and Michelle Wooton, Matt and Valicia Leary, , *John Burke, Dr. Kanoj and Chandra Biswas, Andrew Ceperley, *Norman W. Shumate III, *Ed and Brenda Grant, *Eric Kinder, *Barbara P. Moss, *Rebecca and Christopher Stevenson, Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Jean Crum, *Bill and Beverly Morrelles, *Richard Shaffer and Bridget Bailey, Erica M. Baumgras and Howard M. Persinger, Claudia D. Benton, Rod Blackstone, Tom and Jennifer Clark, Andrew and Marjorie Cooke, *Dustin and Carrie Dillard, *Robert Dale Ford, Sam and Christine H. Fox, *Cynthia G. Garrett, Michele Grinberg and Jim K. Withrow, Richard D. and Sharon K. Jones, *James Mosby, Mark Robinson, *Jeffrey Beakes, *Sandra Hawkins, Brett Webster, Paul R. and Connie L. Hill, Thomas Montgomery, *Ronald S. Kirk, *Ashley and Brent Burton, *Mr. and Mrs. Brady and Rachel Campbell, *Derek and Lisa Godwin, *Ellen Linger, *Donald F. Mock III, *Neal D. Secrist, Andrew P. Smith, six anonymous donors.

Congressional Society, with a gift of at least $500: *Judy A. Carnefix, Anna Empson, *Carl D. Erwin, *Randy and Judy Foxx, Mary Jo Hendricks, *John and Lucy Jividen, Louis and Mary Gene Kapicak, Marlo Long, Alice and Tim Ruhnke, Bob and Janet Simpson, Jim and Doris Smith, Reed and Darlene Spangler, Drs. Purushottam and Sarojni Verma, Rodney and Angie Wright, George and Sue Zaldivar, *Tommy and Kerri Cooper, Karen L. Dennison, *James Hall, *Dr. Samuel King II, Mike and Barb Mallory, Otie and Tanya Vititoe, Erica Mani, Nadir M. Mirza, Michael Staley, *Rev. and Mrs. Matthew Ash, Marcy and Armando Benincasa, Jeff and Noaka Bishop, Jim and Valerie Bone, Terry Broughton, Greg W. Clutter, Jeffrey L. Dotson, *Dr. Ronald S. Eisinger, *Patricia Enochs, *Victoria A. and Wylie M. Faw IV, Jan L. Fox, *Siobhan Gerhart, Dennis L. Green, *Christopher A. Hatfield, *Misty Heldreth, Russell Jessee, Tim and Lisa Krisher, Ventrue Means, Phil Moye, *Brace Mullett, Roger O’Dell, *Martha and Scott Phillips, Gegory Rader, *Jason E. Reid, Jason and Kim Rogers, *Matthew Schwartz, *James E. Singleton III, *Carl and Gayleen Smith, Leigh Anne Strahler, Chad Taylor, Allyn G. Turner, Sam R. Uppala, *Donna R. Watson, *Chris Willits, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Albert, *Frances Daniels, *Jim Heady, Brooks and Barbara McCabe, *Tim McDaniel, Jeffrey McIntyre, *Stacy Miller, Larry and Sheree Robertson, Edward Ward, Adam and Brienne Marco, Gerald M.Titus III, Ted and Barbara Toler, *Billy and Kelly Campbell, Hiram Hall, Tim Hollander, John and Jerri Kee, Bobby King, *John C. McBride II, *Derek and Anna Milam, *Rod and Ronda Moore, *Pamela Parker, *Rodney and Susan Pope, Bill and Paula Roberts, *Tradd and Christina Sleeth, *Mark Thompson, Jerald Thornton, W. Warren Upton, *Surendra K. Verma, *Masaomi Amano, Melinda Campbell, Robert L. and Suzanne Coffield, *Laura Cooper, Ralph T. Davey, *Tara N. Davis, *Yasuyuki Haruta, Amy and John Humphreys, James W. and Jessica Lane, * Jessica and Ryan Lindsay, Ruth E. Marion, Timothy and Jennifer Mayo, *Hideo Moronuki, *Takeshi Ogushi, Colleen O’Neill, Jennifer L. Price, Bryan and Misty Price, Toshua Nichole Rider, Salem and Kim Smith, *Cheryl L. Stapleton, *Jun Tamai, Nate K. and Amy J. Tawney, *Pamela Woodman-Kaehler, *Hiroo Yasuda, D. Barker, *Michael and Christine Braun, *Peyton and Anna Forbes, Shawn P. and Virginia G. George, *Matt Krupinski, Michael Davis, *Michael Richards, *Chad Gillispie, *Alice Hu, *Randall Potter, Craig Swick, Michael A. and Linda Jo Wright, *Chris Allen, *Don Broyles, Janet L. Buckley, Jacinda Burkholder, *Todd Cowley, Valerie C. Cowley, *Judith Crabtree, Dr. Glenn Crotty, Sheila Danzer, Erik Engle, Melanie Estep, *Les and Doris Hudnall, Sandra Jenkins, *Laura E. Johns, *Trip and Lauren King, *Karrie Newsome, Randall Norman, *Joyce D. Rasmussen, Jim and Kristi Snyder, Dr. Nancy Tierney, *Beryl Tucker, 38 anonymous donors.

Note: * denotes increased pledge

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