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Police say man was beaten unconscious while downtown with his family

Charleston detectives are looking for two men who robbed and beat a man unconscious in front of his girlfriend and children downtown.The incident happened about 10 p.m. Saturday near the BrickStreet Insurance building. A 45-year-old man was leaving Tidewater Grill with his girlfriend and his 9- and 13-yearold children, said Sgt. Bobby Eggleton, assistant chief of detectives.Two men approached the group and started making rude comments, Eggleton said. The descriptions are fairly vague: Both were described as heavyset black men in their 20s."We don't have a whole lot to go on," Eggleton said.The man asked the two suspects to stop making the comments, but the situation got worse. The two then attacked the man, knocking him down and kicking him repeatedly in the head and face, Eggleton said."He was beaten pretty badly," he said.The man suffered a severe concussion. He also received facial lacerations. The suspects then dug into his pockets and stole $30, Eggleton said. The suspects did not hurt the woman or the children. The victim, who has asked police not to release his identity, was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center's General Hospital. He was released from the hospital on Sunday, Eggleton said. Officers do not believe he suffered any long-term injuries from the beating.Eggleton said the victim did nothing to antagonize the situation and acted as many people would have."I can't say he did anything that any other man wouldn't have done," Eggleton said. "If I'm coming out of the mall, and someone says something crude to me and my family, I'm going to say something back.
"And I wouldn't expect to get beaten for it," he said.Eggleton called the attack a random act of "senseless violence." He does not believe the pair of suspects planned on robbing the man until he was unconscious."Such cowardly acts against people and their families are just uncalled for," he said.Eggleton also said he was very surprised by the crime and where it occurred."But even more than surprising me, this really disgusts me," he said.
Officers are asking that anyone with information contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 304-348-6480.Officers have looked for video surveillance tapes but have been unsuccessful so far, he said."But we're looking for these guys and I sure hope we find them," Eggleton said.Eggleton said he has discussed the issue with Charleston Town Center security. Mall security personnel will be extra vigilant, he said.Contact writer Paul Fallon at or 304-348-4817. Follow him at  
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