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Readers’ Vent: July 17, 2017

This is to our governor. I am from planet Mongo. I will not vote for any tax increase at all. As for the roads, I drive a jeep. No more taxes. Democrats love taxes.

I am ashamed for the USA that our soldiers are still being sent to die in Afghanistan for no logical reason. Afghanistan is not redeemable. We should get out.

Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush wrote more executive orders than Obama, and, at his present rate, Trump will write more than any president.

I love our panhandlers; I just want them to be properly taken care of. I am certain a lot of them are vets and I am ashamed of our country for not finding these vets and assisting them. We take better care of stray animals.

W.Va. congressional delegation mute on president’s tweets: Boy, oh boy, I wish we had a Washington representative of some kind that has even a little bit of backbone.

I was ashamed of West Virginia when I saw the picture of people having to be brought from Baltimore to power wash the underside of the I-64 bridge over Greenbrier Street. I am even further ashamed that they are going to be the ones to paint it. Do we not have people in West Virginia that could get in there and do that job?

Some college students join in a protest just to get out of class. Congress likes to have investigations just to get on TV instead of working on important issues for the people. They know midterms are just 16 months away.

West Virginians love coal. Our politicians love coal. 4,000 coal miners love coal. Russians love coal. West Virginia and Russia have a lot in common.

Capitalism gave us the Beatles. The selling of indulgences gave us the Art of the Renaissance. There are many workable Economic Systems. Some are kinder than others.

I do hope that the high and mighty Kent Carper keeps his behind in Charleston and does not attend the ribbon cutting at the bridge at Crossings Mall. He was not the one having to drive 40 miles to get to a grocery store not to mention all the people that lost jobs. This bridge should have been built within two months of its collapse.

Trump says the Russians preferred Hillary for president. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but from the vote totals, Americans did.

For the love of God! Gov. Justice pay your taxes! No one will take you serious with that still hanging over your head!

A heartfelt thank-you to the two gentlemen who helped my husband get me into my car after I fell at Walmart. May God bless you always. Thank you

Now Fayette County Board of Education is closing Valley High School, and Valley students will have to go to Oak Hill High or Riverside High. And WV Tech is now in Beckley. Last one out turn the lights out. Oops, the valley still has the prison at Mt. Olive.

Since bamboo is aggressive and eventually becomes invasive, the only reliable, safe way to get rid of bamboo is to dig it up.

They raised our gas prices. They raised our license fee. Now they are throwing away four pallets of road maps because they have Tomblin’s picture on there instead of Justice. Don’t you think it is time to stop putting a picture on there?

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