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Readers’ Vent: Aug. 29, 2017

I would like to be a cop in Mercer County. I know people that have gotten DUIs who lost their driver’s license fined thousands of dollars and this guy was only fined $25 and a paid vacation for 10 days. The sheriff said he was a real stand up kind of guy. I guess the first time he pulls over someone that has been drinking we will see what kind of stand-up guy he is.

We need a consolidated high school in Nicholas County. The state Board of Education should be fired, every one of them for the way they have treated our local Board of Education. They do not deserve the way they have been treated and something should be done.

Mike Hall says the road bond will not cause an increase in taxes in one paragraph. Then the very next paragraph says it will be made up of a combination of increases in gas taxes, DMV fees and privilege tax on vehicles purchases. That is tax increases. I don’t know how he’s saying that is not an increase in taxes. It is. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth as most of them do.

During the term of Dr. Leonard C. Nelson at W.Va. Tech the school created a co-op program where students would work a semester and then work for a semester. They would alternate. This allowed them to get experience as they were getting their education. I don’t see why they cannot do this now.

If the state Board of Education can take over the county schools every day running why don’t they have the authority to take over Nicholas County Schools and do things right.

Read it folks, in the Gazette-Mail. President Donald Trump’s very own DOE report tells it like it is. President Obama is not the cause of the decline of coal production in West Virginia. It is natural gas, which most thinking people knew already.

Not all liberals are idiots but most idiots are liberals.

For 15 years I have written to the first district engineer for the West Virginia state road commission and requested that Acorn Ridge Road be paved. It rubs me the wrong way to read in the paper that the state division of highways has donated $300,000 for a multi-county trail system and cannot pave my road.

Why does Trump have to shut down the government? We could go ahead and build it because he says that Mexico will pay for it. Is that more of Trump’s fake news? Most of us have no faith in him.

I get it that marijuana is illegal in West Virginia, but so is heroin. Why is it when they overdose on it are they given a shot of Narcan and sent on their merry way when they should be arrested?

Shortly after Mayor Jones took down the tent city we had one of the most severe snow storms in the last couple of years. Those people would have been absolutely froze to death. There would have been a humanitarian crisis. Mayor Jones did the absolutely the right thing for them.

To the man who used to say at 10 p.m. on Channel 7, “Do you know where your children are?”: I just wanted you to know that I think of that every night. You are missed.

Trump surrounded himself with many advisors from both political parties to have a bipartisan administration. Yes many of them have put party before country and left. Not that surprising.

The person defending the use of state vehicles by denying they’re being used for personal errands is clueless. The state doesn’t monitor how many vehicles they have. Do you really believe somebody is sitting and monitoring the GPS of those vehicles?

So more left turn arrows and $80,000 electric cars will help West Virginia move forward. Who knew?

Once again we see President Trump doesn’t have any common sense whatsoever. What on earth is he doing going to Texas on Tuesday, when the current forecast through Wednesday is that the rainfall will be doubled? None of the Houston airports are open, flooded out and closed, and the last thing these wonderful first responders and all the volunteers need is to have to put up with the president’s entourage.

State employees salaries are public information and are available online. I’d be happy for you to look me up and see what a pitiful salary I make!

If your interstate highway is so rough your radio skips stations — you might be in West Virginia.

It is very unfortunate that the governor chose to bring Nick Casey’s wife into the fray between him and Nick. Placing any blame on her is irresponsible and displays a lack of class and character.

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