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Readers’ Vent: Aug. 30, 2017

There would be no traffic in Cross Lanes if parents would put their children on the school bus.

President Trump does draw his paycheck but he says he puts it in a charity. In turn that gives him a tax write off. He needs all the tax write offs he can get.

Are there any plans to remodel the Kroger on Delaware Avenue? It is going down, down, down.

Who in the world had the gall to remove the English programs on channel 10 on Saturday morning? I have watched them for 25 years and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Randy Moss introducing Spartan racing to West Virginia was certainly a bright spot in our paper today. Randy deserves a smile in next Saturday’s paper. He doesn’t forget his roots and gives back to West Virginia. God bless you.

To answer your petty question, South Charleston High School has permission from the mayor to set off fireworks during Friday night football games.

OK people, let’s get up off our hind ends and start paying attention to this flood hitting the coast down there. These people need our help very badly and the least little thing will be of very much importance to them, so let’s get on it.

I wonder how many hundreds and hundreds of thousands of our tax payer money went to ruin our beautiful Kanawha Boulevard.

In my opinion every commercial on TV should be backed up by the song “Sweet Caroline.” Can you imagine how much product those companies could sell? It would be astronomical.

Why have a TV series on the Menendez brothers when they are nothing but cold-blooded killers? Why give them any attention or glamorization?

I do not feel sorry for these millionaire ball players playing a kid’s game setting out from the national anthem. They need to get a life.

You think that just West Virginians voted for President Trump. You are wrong. I voted for him and I would vote for him again. He is doing a fantastic job. Go Trump.

Some of these midget football coaches think they are coaching college kids. Little kids out in hot weather last week. I witnessed a little kid ask for a drink of Gatorade in the heat and the coach told him no and to get back out on the field.

How come men are going to jail for back child support and the women are not? Is this not discrimination?

A year ago West Virginia had their thousand year flood. Right now Houston is experiencing their thousand year flood. By the way, there is a tropical storm setting off the coast of Carolina right now and it might turn into their thousand year flood. Not to worry. President Trump said global warming is baloney and the science is flawed and he knows best.

Whoever edits the Readers’ Vent is a total moron.

Congress is so busy trying to hurt President Trump but they are only hurting the country.

Please do not put Randy Moss’ picture on the front of the paper. It ruins my breakfast.

I would like to know how Dunbar picked a mayor without having an election. That is a slap in the face to Roger Wolfe. Roger you need to stand up.

President Trump, I respect your authority to pardon Joe Arpaio, however please don’t continue to insult my and other citizens intelligence by trying to convince us that Mr. Arpaio is some sort of a great patriot. Mr. Arpaio is a criminal, convicted by a judge for violating hundreds, if not thousands of people constitutional rights. If you like him so well why don’t you go serve his jail sentence for him.

I would like to thank the person who found my credit card and turned it in to the West Virginia Federal Credit Union in St Albans by placing it in the night deposit box. Yes, there are some decent and honest people still out there and may God bless you for what you did.

History is no longer being taught in some schools, and now that Civil War statues are being removed. We are removing our heritage, as well as important historical events, such as our Civil War. Remember, if we erase history, we may be bound to repeat it.

Can’t please a President Trump hater. He doesn’t go to Texas they criticize. He goes. They criticize. It’s actually fun to listen to now because it’s so expected.

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