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Readers’ Vent: Aug. 31, 2017

As a longtime supporter of West Virginia Public Television I am disappointed that you took off the British comedies on Saturday morning. Please bring them back.

Whatever happened to that guy in California who was going to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump? God knows we need to get that thing started. He is ruining the country.

Former president Barack Obama pardons 2,000 cocaine dealers, murderers and rapists before he leaves office and it was perfectly alright and no one says anything. President Donald Trump pardons one 85-year-old man who served his country for more than 60 years and he is trashed because of it. How is that equal?

I would like to thank the wonderful lady down at Subway Saturday who bought mine and my husband’s lunch. Thank you.

Why do presidents have to go to disasters? They would be better staying in Washington and not getting in the way. They cost extra manpower that could be used during the disaster.

The western part of Kanawha County is in desperate need of police protection. Kanawha County Sheriff we need your help. We are overrun with addicts and thieves.

I cannot believe that Sen. Shelley Moore Capito would even talk to Rick Clay. This man tried to bilk thousands of dollars from Kanawha County for a so called ammunition plant at Riverside.

Is Putnam County saying that the best qualified teacher is someone with a criminal record?

Sept. 6, 2014: We had heavy rainfall, three feet of water in my backyard and my basement flooded. I live on a hill on Mathews Avenue. Hurricane Harvey is a wakeup call for our city to fix the storm sewer system.

Bible people of West Virginia, remember the Tower of Babel? The towers where the different languages were spoken. Now we have a tower built in Russia. The Trump tower. Please pray for our country.

I think it would be good if we had an ordinance in Kanawha City that would require people hosting yard sales to remove their signs no more than four days after the sale. I went out and removed signs that had been left up for a month after the sale. Kanawha City used to be such a nice little city.

While the mayor of New Orleans was spending money and time removing Confederate monuments they have 14 pumps designed to remove flood waters from the city. They have not been repaired. Now they are facing flooding.

I think it is a shame you cannot have prayer over the school intercom at football games. You cannot take God out of anything. You people who are wanting to take God out of schools will answer to him someday. You better listen to God rather than to man.

The city of Charleston has got to do something. In the mornings you can’t get into downtown because of construction on Virginia Street. In the evenings you can’t get out due to work on Quarrier Street. Now you can’t even get out of the mall parking garage. Is no one awake over there? Come on this needs to be fixed, unless you enjoy gridlock. Stay out of Charleston.

Something needs to be done about the backup of traffic in Cross Lanes during the start and end of school. Parents are blocking all lanes just so they can drop off their children. Please keep the through-lanes open so people can get to work on time. Put these kids on the school bus and the problem will be solved.

Dads have no rights in the legal system, haven’t for years. Any accusation made by the mother is accepted as truth. It takes a strong, determined dad to remain active in their child’s life. God bless those who fight the good fight.

Here’s who had the gall to remove English programs on Saturday mornings: the Republican-led Congress and West Virginia Legislature. They slashed funding to public television, WV Public Broadcasting can’t afford all the programming, and cuts were made. Sure great we’re conservative now, isn’t it?

In 2013, virtually every Republican in the Texas congressional delegation voted against the $51 billion emergency aid package after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York and New Jersey. It will be interesting what happens in Congress when the bill for Harvey hits.

Beautiful Kanawha Boulevard? Asphalt and concrete is beautiful? The improvements coming will make it look much better.

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