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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 1, 2017

Who do we complain to about them taking the English comedy shows off on Saturday morning on channel 10? That was the best thing going. They have stupid cartoon shows on there now. I am getting ready to break down and buy those shows. Put them back on there. Are you kidding me?

The congressmen and senators from Texas, who voted against relief from Sandy and who told us the government was our enemy, now have their hands out. What hypocrites. God hates a hypocrite.

Vice President Pence comes to town every other week. It won’t make a difference. Manchin is our Robert C. Byrd. He isn’t going anywhere.

Does anyone know if the city is going to pave the North Charleston Community Center parking lot? It has been over 30 years since it was paved and it gets 10 times the use that Cato Park gets.

It may just be me, but it seems like President Trump is in office to undo everything that former president Obama did. Everyday it is something that Obama signed into law to help people and Trump is trying to change it.

To the people in Summersville: We are not all for consolidation. We just don’t say anything because of the repercussions we would get. We know it is a money thing. We know that.

The law that passed which prohibits people from driving and using their cellphones either talking or texting is a joke. I see it all the time. Why can’t the police see them? Maybe it is because they are on their phones also. I lost my mom because one of you idiots killed her while on a phone. I hope it doesn’t happen to you. Get off that phone.

Back in the 60s Marxists groups like ATFA were outlawed. I guess nowadays the Democratic Party is more aware of its core constituency.

If you know all the wrong things that President Trump is doing you should run for president next time because it is obvious you must know all the right things. So that makes you smart. Or does it?

Hillary Clinton writes a book about what happened. What happened is that you lost and you lost fair and square. Thank God you did.

You poor people in Houston. I got some bad news for you. Richwood had its 1,000-year flood about a year ago. FEMA showed up. Flew in here with Blackhawk helicopters about tore the place up with the rotor wash. They rented three or four diesel trucks to run around in. Came to our houses and asked what we need. Left and we never got anything from them. Nothing. The state may have gotten something but not us.

The best quote from Wednesday’s papers is from Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones.” He said, “When enough people make false promises words stop meaning anything and there are no more answers only more and better lies.”

I thought I was reading the funny papers when the Readers’ Vent said whoever edits the Readers’ Vent is a total moron. That is so funny.

People are dying in Houston because of the hurricane and the flooding. Who cares about President Trump’s tax breaks for the rich. It is ridiculous and disgusting.

You just raised our taxes on gasoline for the road and now they want to raise our taxes for a road bond. What do they want? All of it. Can we not have some of our money?

Next time you hear somebody complain about President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Just ask them what crime he committed. They won’t know.

Can you even begin to imagine what President Trump would be saying and how he would be acting right now if he had lost the election? He is such a sore loser that his negative verbal attacks on Congress, the FBI, the White House, and other government agencies would be horrendous. He should move to Russia and help make it, and Putin, great again.

To President Trump’s supporters who say they would vote for him all over again, we believe you.

Is there anyone who really needs the president to use particular words to provide them with emotional solace or moral guidance? I don’t, do you? President Trump didn’t use the proper words about Charlottesville, he didn’t show enough empathy while in Texas, his wife wore the wrong shoes and the wrong hat. Can Trump haters possibly get any more petty?

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