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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 2, 2017

It is terrible how the big oil companies are getting richer every time there is a holiday. I noticed the price of gas goes up 20 to 30 cents every time there is a holiday. Prices went up before the holiday and will go back down after the holiday. Call your legislator. It is the only way to get some help to keep the rich from getting richer.

To the person up Campbells Creek who drives a charcoal gray Cobalt. Please slow down or I am going to call the cops. You almost ran over my kid.

The reason the president went down to the flood area was that it was a photo op. Then he could make a speech. He is insane.

I live in Cross Lanes near Point Harmony School. There were 59 cars trying to get into the school to drop off their children. The bus could not even get into the school for the cars. Something needs to be done. I am going to call 911 every time there is a road blockage. Wait and see.

The TV show called “The Vent” is definitely a hate group if there ever was a hate group. All they do is talk about their hate for Donald Trump. If we are going to get rid of hate groups we need to get rid of this show.

Personally, I think the city of Charleston or whoever decided to do this bike path on the Boulevard should be sued. We, the residents of Charleston, should have been able to vote whether the destruction of our Boulevard should have been done.

We need someone to start another ad bulletin business. I went to get an ad bulletin and they say it has gone out of business because of Facebook and the internet. I think we need another ad bulletin.

We do not need refugees in Charleston. Charleston is broke. West Virginia is broke. Charity needs to start at home.

To the venter who wanted prayer over the intercom at ball games: You must remember we do not all worship the same God. How about a few verses from the Quran over the intercom and in school?

All I can say is enough on Russia. There is no evidence that President Trump was in collusion with Russia. We have so many problems in this country. Let’s get off Trump’s back and get on with running the country. He is not my favorite, but he is the president.

With nuclear missiles aimed at our shores by North Korea why is the press concerned about the style of shoes worn by Melania Trump.

Let’s see if FEMA makes Texas put their homes on 10-foot stilts like they made us in West Virginia do after our floods.

As mayor of the city of Charleston it seems to me that if someone was trying to help improve an area of the city the mayor would be for them not against them. Why is Mayor Danny Jones against Matthew Watts and Hope Community Development Corporation?

Lottery sales are going down. Why play if you cannot win now and then. They need to the lower the numbers back like it was so a few people can win now and then.

You may be able to take the Bible out of schools and the country but you cannot take Him out of our hearts. Praise the Lord.

The person stating President Trump is ruining this country. I bet you wear your ball cap on backwards because you have no idea whether you are coming or going.

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