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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 4, 2017

Why do you ignorant people want to exonerate former president Obama for the destruction of our coal industry? Natural gas is not the scapegoat for this evil person. Texas is only the tip for what is to come. Thank God for President Trump.

Have we not had enough “Game of Thrones” articles in the newspaper yet?

Tuesday there was a wreck in front of the Pennzoil station in Cross Lanes and there was a lot of glass left in the road. I would appreciate it if someone would have cleaned up that glass. It cuts our tires and causes problems.

Downtown Charleston is becoming overrun with unsavory people. If I were a business person considering opening a new business downtown I would have second thoughts. Something needs to be done about this problem.

The reason so many voted against the Sandy relief bill had nothing to with the relief funding. It was about the pork added by the Democrats that had absolutely nothing to do with Sandy relief. We should always send relief, but the law should require that emergency relief funding be on a clean bill with no attached unrelated spending.

I think it is absolutely ludicrous for the Crossings Mall owner to sue the state, which means the taxpayers, over his property’s access. If his logic is true, then the Division of Highways would be responsible for each and every residential bridge that attaches to a public road. I think not.

Those of us opposing Trump are not “Trump haters.” We simply realize that he is dangerous for our country.

If you want to complain to anyone about the loss of the British comedies on public television, complain to your elected state official. It’s the GOP-controlled Legislature that slashed funding for public broadcasting by 22 percent.

When the Gazette and the Daily Mail became one newspaper, I could accept that. As the newspaper gradually shrank, it was dismaying, but I accepted it. But to eliminate the Monday print edition is absolutely outrageous. For the first time in my adult life, I will not have a newspaper to get off my front porch on Monday morning, to relax with while sipping my coffee. Shame on you.

Yes, President Trump is undoing most of former president Obama’s unconstitutional “pen and a phone” laws that hurt more people than they helped. That’s what we put him in office to do.

President Trump even lies to himself, unfortunately he believes the lies!

The people of West Virginia need to send thanks to the state Supreme Court for laying off all the Intensive Supervision Probation Officers whose task is supervising sexual offenders. Makes as much sense as the third most forested state laying off most of the foresters. Wonder where all the funds already budgeted for the positions will go.

It takes gall for the Daily Mail’s editorial to blast the Obama administration for being “callous” to Appalachia by hastening the decline of coal. Big Coal has been hastening the decline of those of us who are unfortunate enough to have our homes near their MTR sites. I wish the editor had the same concern for those hurt by this killing force that they do for the coal companies profits.

I keep reading that I should “Listen to God.” I will, if He ever says anything. God has never said a word; what some call the word of God was written by humans.

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