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Readers’ Vent: Sept. 6, 2017

I am totally delighted to read in Readers’ Vent that I am not the only one that is upset with the cancellation of the British comedies. I have supported WV PBS for a long time since I came from England as a war bride in World War II. All I want is a British comedy on Saturday and Sunday. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

I am so sad. I just read about Monday’s paper.

Is anyone else questioning the wisdom of the Putnam County School superintendent and board of education?

The President Trump haters are almost as petty as the former president Obama haters.

The state tax department has issued a new simplified form for 2018. It has two lines on it. The first line says “how much did you make?” The second line says “send it all in.”

People wearing hats in restaurants are not a big deal. It is the people talking on cellphones and with their mouths full — with food coming out of their mouths. It is disgusting.

Eliminating Monday’s Gazette-Mail is totally unfair. Most people especially seniors do not have computers. I am 84 and look forward to my morning paper. Please change your mind.

Personally I don’t think AAA knows what they are talking about with the gas prices. I have never seen so much disruption with what they are saying about the gas prices.

I never dreamed I would live to see such a breakdown in our society. The majority of the younger people nowadays are the scourge of the earth. They want nothing but to do drugs. They have no respect for themselves or anyone else. I fear for the world.

The Red Cross was a big joke when we had the flood in Clendenin. They never gave us anything or did anything for us or even one meal. All they wanted was for people to give them money. Please give your money to anyone else.

Sen. John McCain is fighting and he still has plenty of fight left in him. I say this as a Democrat. I really believe he will make it for many more years. He is definitely a lion of the Senate.

I can hardly wait to read Garrison Keillor’s column. He is always right on. He saves to the bitter end a truthful story about President Donald Trump.

The person who said that Richwood did not receive help from FEMA is dead wrong. I did and so did some of my neighbors. That was downright despicable to say.

Our government needs to bail out the middle class, not the rich and the corrupt. Have we not done that enough times? Bail us out and send us a check.

When they built the drop off area in front of Montrose Elementary School it was right-turn only to enter the lot. Now parents turn in from either direction holding up traffic even more. SCPD needs to change this or at least sit there in the mornings to direct traffic.

I miss the good ‘ol days when the only problems the world had was acid rain and killer bees. Whatever became of those problems?

It’s not unusual for a company to run more efficiently when the boss is gone and lower management runs the show. WVU should try that. Leave Holgorsen home and let coordinators and asst coaches call the plays.

Upset over the loss of our English comedy programming on PBS? Me too. I sent PBS a tax deductible donation every year to support the programs; did you? Your president cut the PBS budget significantly so viewers must make up the difference if we want to enjoy our favorite programs. Write a check and pay for your programs.

Patrick Morrisey is using DACA as a political ploy and doesn’t give one regard for the lives it will devastate and the blow it will deal to WV’s economy. He is heartless and we should all be ashamed of him.

Thank you to Phil Kabler for a good explanation of issues surrounding the road bonds. Even though I resent Gov. Jim Justice for throwing my vote back in my face, I will vote for the bond issue. WV needs better roads and West Virginians need jobs.

What’s wrong with this picture? WVU’s not yet played football game on the front page. Marshall’s win in their football season opener was on page 5.

President Trump is in over his head, and the rest of us are in up to our neck. The fool just might kill us all.

Mayor Danny Jones isn’t against Rev. Watts and the HOPE group, he just wants them to pay the $42,000 they owe for city services.

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